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TUESDAY, August 6, 2013
By J. Levi Burnfin
The Kansas State-Kansas rivalry hasn’t
kept the 2013 Southwest Kansas Pro-Am
golf tournament planning and the Pro-Am
coordinator position transition from being
a smooth one.
Kelley Reeve, a Garden City native and
K-State alum, is in line to take over full
responsibilities from the current Pro-Am
coordinator, Beth Koksal, who is a KU
alum. The duo have been working side-
by-side for almost two months, and by all
accounts, it’s been an invaluable training
“It’s great,” said Koksal, who is in
charge of her sixth and final Pro-Am after
heading the tournament planning since
2008. “I wish six years ago that I would’ve
been able to get a year under my belt, fol-
lowing somebody and watching what they
do, being able to ask questions.”
Instead, Koksal said she learned through
trial and error, making mistakes and then
learning from them as she progressed.
That did not stop her from making sev-
eral improvements to the event over
her time, including adding the Ladies
Pro-Am that was started in Koksal’s
first year.
Then the biggest change, and per-
haps most beneficial, was the inclu-
sion of the Adams Golf Pro Tour
Series in 2010. The Adams Tour
handles the professional player’s side
of the tournament, guaranteeing a
sizeable purse and overseeing all pro
player responsibilities.
“(The Adams Tour) allows us
more time to focus on what we need
to do to raise money for the Newborn
Intensive Unit and take care of our
sponsors that are helping us do that,”
said Koksal.
In partnership with the Adams Tour,
the Pro-Am is also making a change to the
tournament format this year, going back to
a 54-hole, three-day event with the profes-
sionals and amateurs golfing together on
Friday and Saturday and then the profes-
sionals finish out the weekend by crowning
the champion on Sunday at The Golf Club
at Southwind, allowing the amateur play-
ers to watch the final day.
The change reverts the tournament
back to the same format used before the
last three years of a 72-hole event format
with professionals golfing on Wednesday
and Thursday and amateurs joining play
for Friday and Saturday.
“The community likes to come out and
watch and there are a lot of sponsors and
amateur participants that I know are real-
ly excited (about the
change) . . . because it
really does give them
the chance to watch
professional golf here
in Garden City,” said Koksal, who added
that now is the time that another coordina-
tor may be able to improve the tournament
even more.
And Reeve agreed that this transition
period is the best way to start her tenure as
Koksal set to hand off
coordinator role to Reeve
Becky Malewitz/Telegram
Southwest Kansas
Pro-Am tourna-
ment coordinator
Beth Koksal, right,
will be handing off
the duties after six
years in the job to
Kelley Reeve at the
end of this year’s
tournament. Reeve
started working
with Koksal in early
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