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Health & Wellness
Summer 2013
The Garden City Telegram
Wasinger utilizes acupuncture as
an alternative means of controlling
and alleviating allergy symptoms.
“The points themselves definitely
vary, but there are antihistamine points,
there are definitely points within the
body that help the nervous system, as
far as functioning, autoimmune issues
or histamine reactions that help reduce
those triggering effects when they’re
flared up,” Wasinger said.
He said that there is no way to coun-
teract or prevent allergy flare-ups, so
he must treat his patients when they
are in full blown allergy season.
“The farmers that deal with har-
vest time, milo and wheat, all that
stuff, the ragweed, it seems like we
can have more of an impact there
and calm down the nervous system
and give them temporary relief just to
help them get over the real bad por-
tion of the season. I wouldn’t say that
we cure it by any stretch, but it calms
down the symptoms to where there’s
sometimes very little side effects from
it. We control and alleviate the worst
symptoms that are associated with al-
lergies.” Wasinger said. “Let’s face it,
a lot of times the medication itself —
the Claritin, Allegra — that’s basically
a controlling substance, as well. Un-
fortunately, it’s stuff that was never de-
signed for our bodies, so you can have
side effects from that, so acupuncture,
really other than a little discomfort
with the treatments, there are no side
effects, when done properly.”
Typically, seasonal allergies are
lumped into the category of hay fever,
and people who suffer from it mani-
fest differing allergy symptoms.
For instance, Elena Ramos and her
14-year-old son, Octavio Ramos, both of
Holcomb, each take allergy medication.
“My son and I both (have allergies),
and it’s year round. He takes Zyrtec,
and I take Singulair. We have to take
one every day or else we sneeze all
day,” Ramos said.
Tony Piccone, Garden City, experi-
ences other types of symptoms.
“I have to get a steroid shot twice a
year for mine. I always knowwhen the
corn is being cut — it goes straight to
my eyes. My actual eyeball swells up.
The whites in my eye swell so much, it
will sometimes cover the color of my
eyes. It’s red and itchy around the eye,
on the skin,” Piccone said. “Simple
things like cutting the grass or play-
ing in it can set them off.”
Piccone said he also uses eye drops
to alleviate the symptoms in his eyes.
Matthew Tull, pharmacist at Dil-
lons East, said the most common
prescriptions he sees being filled dur-
ing allergy season are antihistamines,
which block histamines. According
, histamines
are proteins released by the body in
response to allergens, such as pollen
or animal dander, that triggers an
allergic reaction because the body
perceives it as dangerous. When his-
tamines are released into the blood-
stream, they cause symptoms typi-
cal of an allergic reaction, including
itchy, swollen skin, eyes and lips and
respiratory problems such as sneez-
ing, wheezing, coughing, shortness of
breath and runny nose.
Tull said that in addition to anti-
histamines, he also fills a lot of pre-
scriptions for nasal steroids, such as
Flonase and Nasonex.
There are also many over-the-coun-
ter medications available for allergies,
such as Claritin, Zyrtec and Allegra.
These medications don’t cure aller-
gies, but alleviate symptoms associ-
ated with allergies.
It’s summer but research tells us that it is still
important to have family meals together at least 3-4
times per week. Sharing family meals together
on a regular basis results in benefits for children
of all ages. Better grades, healthier eating habits,
closer relationships with parents and siblings,
ability to resist negative peer pressure and greater
resilience in facing life’s problems.
We encourage you before or after you go to the
ball field, make a special effort to sit down together
as a family, talk over the day’s events and watch
your family grow closer and stronger.
together are
Family meals
Finney County Community Health Coalition, Inc.
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To Improve the Health, Well Being and Safety of the People of Finney County •
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