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Health & Wellness
Summer 2013
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As Much or As Little as You Need
As with every aspect of life here at The Homestead, our goal is to offer what
makes sense for you - to provide as much, or as little, as you need.
Here residents find the health care services and personalized assistance they
need, offered in a comfortable home-like environment.
*Three nutritionally balanced, home-cooked meals each day
*Health Care Services provided 24-hours a day
* Housekeeping services & personalized assistance with dressing, bathing and medications
*Personal laundry and linen services *24-hour Emergency call systems
Executive Director
Becky Thomeczek, R.N.
Resident Care Coordinator
Palo Verde Place
2501 Campus Dr., Suite 100 • Garden City
(620) 275-9157 •
Your choice for comfort and care.
*Authorized Under Armour Provider
The summer sports
season is here for kids across the
country.  As a parent, you can help
make it a successful and fun one.
The experts at Sun Products, the
makers of all detergent, offer these
tips to help you and your little all-
stars get your game faces on:
Safety First
Scrapes and bruises come with the
territory, so don’t sweat it when these
minor injuries occur. Keep a first aid
kit on hand to clean and cover nicks
and cuts when they happen.
It’s hot out there and your kids are
playing hard, so cool them down with
flair. Boost team pride by doling out
frozen ice treats in your team’s colors.
Post-Game Fun
You win some; you lose some – but
it’s how you play the game that mat-
ters! Teach your kids that giving it
your all is what counts most.
Keep spirits high by making fun
post-game plans for the entire team.
Celebrate a game well done by taking
they are significantly less expensive
than the cost to repair an injury. Den-
tists and dental specialists can make
customized mouth guards to provide
the best fit. Other less-expensive op-
tions are the boil and bite mouth
guards, which are softened in boil-
ing water to fit the mouth, and stock
mouth guards, which are ready-to-
wear but may not fit as well as their
customized counterparts.
Wear a helmet.
Helmets absorb
the energy of an impact and help pre-
vent damage to the head.
the players out for a pizza party, a bar-
becue in the park, or a trip to the pool.
Keeping Uniforms Clean
Whether you’re playing a teamsport,
or just having fun in the yard, summer
means lots of sliding into home plate
and mounds of dirty uniforms.
Use a trusted laundry detergent
that will lift out tough grass and mud
stains. For example, new all detergent
combines in-wash pre-treaters with
its active stain lifters to attack many
tough stains, so your little athletes
can get as messy as they want. Also,
all is the Official Detergent of Little
League Baseball and Softball.
Parents can find tips to remove
stubborn sports stains and enter the
all detergent Wear it, Share it, and
Win sweepstakes for a chance to
win prizes for a local Little League
program, by visiting
With some preparation and an eye
on fun, you can have all your bases
covered for a healthy, happy summer
sports season.
Wear protective eye wear.
are extremely vulnerable to damage,
especially when playing sports.
Wear a face shield.
Rely on a face
shield to avoid damage to the delicate
bones around the eyes, nose and jaw.
Hockey pucks, basketballs and rac-
quetballs can cause severe facial dam-
age to athletes of any age.
Summertime is an opportunity to en-
gage in recreational sporting activities.
Athletes of all ages should wear the ap-
propriate safety gear while competing
to greatly reduce their risk of injury.
What parents need to know
for the summer sports season
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