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Summer 2013
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warm weather beckons children out-
side to play. Whether they participate
in organized sports or enjoy pick-up
games with friends, sports are a way
to remain physically active and pass
the days of summer in a fun way. A
variety of leading oral health orga-
nizations, including the American
Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and
the American Dental Association,
have teamed up to remind parents,
coaches and athletes to play safely
when they’re playing sports.
A child or young adult’s mouth
and face can be easily injured if the
during summer
sports fun
prevent mouth
proper precautions are not used
while participating in sports or rec-
reational activities. In fact, according
to the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention, more than half of the
seven million sports- and recreation-
related injuries that occur each year
are sustained by children as young as
five years old.
In 2012, the National Youth Sports
Safety Foundation forecasted that
more than three million teeth would
be knocked out in youth sporting
events. They also reported that ath-
letes who don’t wear mouth guards
are 60 times more likely to damage
their teeth. Yet, in a survey commis-
sioned by the American Association
of Orthodontists, 67 percent of par-
ents admitted that their children do
not wear a mouth guard during or-
ganized sports.
At a time when a good football hel-
met or hockey stick may cost a few
hundred dollars, mouth guards re-
main inexpensive pieces of protective
equipment. Mouth guards save teeth
and protect the jaw. When a mouth
guard is working properly, it will hold
teeth in place, resist tearing and allow
for normal speech and breathing. Rely
on a dental professional to recom-
mend a properly fitted mouth guard
for a vast array of sporting activities.
Here are some additional sports
safety tips to consider to reduce
young athletes’ risk of injury.
Wear a mouth guard when
playing contact sports.
guards can help prevent injury to a
person’s jaw, mouth and teeth, and
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