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Health & Wellness
Fall 2013
The Garden City Telegram
From digital mammography ma-
chines to electronic medical records
that let doctors view test results from
anywhere in the country, Garden
City is fighting cancer one step at a
time with the help of technology.
Garden City also has a new Breast
Center at St. Catherine Hospital that
provides comprehensive breast care
to the community and surrounding
St. Catherine Hospital purchased
two mammography machines, one at
the hospital and one at the Women’s
Clinic, earlier this year.
Mammograms play a central role in
the early detection of breast cancer,
capturing images electronically. Radi-
ologists are able to view and manipu-
late images using a computer screen.
Funds for the purchase of the ma-
chines were raised from individual
community donations, the Leave a
Legacy Foundation and St. Catherine
Hospital annual galas.
There are several other ways Garden
City is using technology to fight cancer.
Amy Yarnall, clinic manager for
Central Care Cancer Center in
Garden City, said equipment such as
ITV allows patients in Garden City
to consult with doctors at the KU
Medical Center. ITV is a two-way
television system that lets the doctor
and the patient see each other.
Yarnall said a bonus of ITV is that
it eliminates a long drive for patients
who aren’t feeling well, plus it saves
on a patient’s expenses.
The program also allows nurses
to take chemotherapy classes, and
genetic counseling is also available
through ITV.
“It’s a great piece of equipment
we’re utilizing,” Yarnall said.
Utilizing electronic medical records
is another aspect of treating cancer
with technology. Yarnall said doc-
tors can access a patient’s records
anywhere – even across the country –
and can pull up lab work, X-rays, and
other tests.
“It makes everything so much more
efficient,” Yarnall said.
There’s also a mobile unit, called a
PET-CT Scan, that takes a scan of the
entire body to detect cancer.
Jason E. Ryman
Dr. Restituto Tibayan, Dr. Soen Liong, Heather
Wright-Renick, RN BSN, Dr. Matthew Byrnes,
and Dr. Bruce Melin are part of the Breast
Center at St. Catherine Hospital.
By Monica Springer,
Special to The Telegram
In addition, patients in Garden
City can access their medical records
online and can share with family
members or physicians.
There’s also a new, comprehensive
breast care program at St. Catherine
The Breast Center offers prompt
diagnosis and treatment, a full
spectrum of screening and diag-
nostic services, lifelong surveillance
of breast cancer patients and many
other attributes.
Heather Wright-Renick, a breast
cancer survivor and a nurse, is the
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