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Fall 2013
The Garden City Telegram
Brad Nading/Telegram
Heather Renick is shown Oct. 24, 2012, in her Cimarron home during
the time she was undergoing cancer treatment.
She added: “It was hard. There were bad days. I
didn’t spare my children the bad moments.”
There were days, she said, when she didn’t
want to get out of bed. But her children were
her motivation.
“I was setting an example for my daughter and
my sister. It’s OK for them to see that it’s a fight,”
Wright-Renick said.
Wright-Renick has been a nurse for 15 years,
including the past 10 in Garden City. She is
currently the Breast Program coordinator at St.
Catherine Hospital, a job that she just accepted a
few months ago.
She said it’s emotional for her to be able to help
other women navigate something she experi-
enced first-hand.
“How fabulous that my tragedies turned into
something so positive,” she said.
Wright-Renick lives in Cimarron with her
husband, Derrick, who farms, and their children,
Jasmine, 15, and Zaine, 7.
She has some advice for people going through
breast cancer.
“You can do it,” she said. “You’re not alone.”
Other tips from Wright-Renick:
• Get yearly breast exams and pap smears.
• Don’t let lack of insurance stop you from going
to the doctor. There are programs available,
like the Early Detection Works program, for
uninsured women who qualify.
• If you’re scared, reach out for help.
“We’re lucky. That’s such a strange word to
use in a breast cancer conversation. We’re lucky
because breast cancer has a screening. Do a
mammogram,” Wright-Renick said.
She also said that after the treatment is over, it’s
important to go back to your primary care doctor
and keep that relationship open.
And, she said, she has one more piece of advice:
“Early detection will save your life.”
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