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SATURDAY, August 31, 2013
(State Point) — Whether
you’re a technophobe who is
reluctant to make new purchas-
es, or you warmly embrace every
trend, you may be excited to hear
about user-friendly innovations,
such as touch screen computers,
that can make life easier and
more fun:
• Show and tell: Miss your
grandkids? New desktop com-
puters, laptops and two-in-one
detachable PCs like the HP
SlateBook x2 make it possible
to communicate face-to-face
without the need for travel. Use
a Skype account and a built-in
webcam to video chat with loved
ones and friends. Set up after-
noon appointments with your
grandkids where they can share
the big news of the school day
with you in real time or read
them a bedtime story from hun-
dreds of miles away.
• Dig up the past: Get the fam-
ily together to take a quick trip
back through time and explore
your family heritage. Discover
the root of your surname and
explore your history. You’ll spark
great conversation and maybe
even a few funny stories from
the past. Online software can
help you create a family tree.
• Be artistic: Need a stress-
relieving activity? Why not take
up painting? But rather than
get your hands dirty, try a free
application, such as Windows 8
FreshPaint, which offers a real-
istic alternative to oil painting,
without the mess. And you don’t
have to shell out for painting
• Be a chef: You may already
have a collection of favorite tried
and true recipes. But it’s never
too late to enlarge your collec-
tion. If you have an Internet con-
nection, use it to find new reci-
pes and save them to a computer
program, such as HP Recipe Box,
which is an easy way to organize
and store them. You can even
print out a grocery list to save
you time while planning.
• Take it easy: For those with
arthritis or carpal tunnel syn-
drome, or those who just like
things to be plain and simple, a
touchscreen desktop PC such as
the HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart
All-in-One can provide much
needed relief.
You can browse the web, play
games, and keep in touch with-
out the need for a keyboard and
mouse. More information can be
found at
• Play a game: From Scrabble
to poker, you can play any of
your favorite games even when
you’re home alone. Either com-
pete against the computer or
play with far-away friends.
You may not jump on board
every consumer technology
trend, so if you’re going to be
selective, look for those technol-
ogies that can enrich your life.
Technology helping boomers stay in touch
State Point
User-friendly innovations, such as touch screen computers and
family tree software, as well as the many possibilities of the
Internet, are keeping seniors in touch with their families, allow-
ing them to be artistic or simply allowing them to relax with their
favorite games.
Fly Coast to Coast and Worldwide
(State PoinT) — Whether you’re a risk
taker or a more conservative saver, retire-
ment planning should be a top priority.
Taking charge of your savings, regardless
of your life stage or savings style, can help
to ensure you get “to” and “through” retire-
ment and live the lifestyle you think is right
for you.
If you have an employer-sponsored retire-
ment plan, experts say that you can benefit
by taking a closer look at your account to
explore ways to combat risk and protect sav-
ings for the future.
“No matter what kind of saver you are,
connecting with a retirement consultant or
financial professional can help restore confi-
dence in your retirement plan,” says Chuck
Cornelio, President of Retirement Plan
Services at Lincoln Financial Group. “These
individuals will review your risk preferenc-
es, as well as what’s available within your
plan to help youmap out a path to retirement
that is right for you.”
Consider the following five tips that can
help you manage risk and volatility within
an employer-sponsored account, like a 401(k)
or 403(b):
• Know your plan: Many options within
an employer-sponsored plan are designed to
offer capital protection and volatility man-
agement. Some can accommodate changing
market conditions, seeking to protect growth
as the market fluctuates and defend against
losses. Knowing what investment options are
available to you is the first step to protecting
your savings.
• Consider lifestyle options: Your risk
tolerance may change over time based on
how many years away you are from retire-
ment. For example, investments known as
target date funds are designed to manage
risk over time without moving assets out
of a retirement portfolio, so participants
always stay invested. The flexibility of
these funds can cover a broad range of risk
• Explore in-plan guarantee options: Some
features in today’s retirement plans include
guaranteed income options that can provide
savers with a steady income stream in retire-
ment while also offering protection against
downturns in the market.
Retirement Plan Tips for
Conservative Savers
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