Following Saturday’s controversial ending to the Garden City Community College women’s basketball game at Conestoga Arena, GCCC Athletic Director John Green filed a formal complaint with the Jayhawk Conference office.

The complaint has not yet been fully reviewed by KJCCC commissioner Bryce Roderick, who was out of the office on Monday.

“I haven’t had a chance to put anything together,” Roderick said when reached by phone Monday. “As soon as I get back (Tuesday), we’ll make a decision at that time.”

The supervisor of women’s officials for the conference, Monty Applebee, said he was not at liberty to discuss the complaint Monday.

The complaint filed by Green stemmed from a technical foul that was called on Cloud County head coach Brett Erckenbrack near the end of Saturday’s game, but was ultimately rescinded, something Green believes was an incorrect call.

Erckenbrack received the technical after he ran onto the court during play to argue that the shot clock had been reset inadvertently on a Buster possession, and Cloud County should be awarded possession.

With three minutes remaining in the game, the Busters had taken a shot with the clock running down, and the shot did not touch the rim — which is necessary to reset the shot clock — instead rebounding off the backboard and directly into the hands of a Cloud County player, who was then stripped by a Buster player for a steal.

Both GCCC and Cloud County representatives agreed that the shot clock was inadvertently reset when the ball hit the backboard. However, Erckenbrack argued that the time that elapsed between the inadvertent reset and the Cloud County player gaining possession was enough to where a shot clock violation should have been called.

The officials agreed, and ruled a shot clock violation on Garden City, awarding possession to the T-Birds. However, they also rescinded the technical foul against Cloud County, despite already reporting the call to the scorer’s table, and two free throws that the Busters were going to be granted due to the technical were wipedoff the book.

The Busters went on to lose by one point on a buzzer-beating 3-pointer by Cloud County.

The rescinded technical never should have been allowed, Green said. GCCC head coach Charinee Mitchell said she’s never seen it before in her years of coaching.

The conference will review that this week, with three true options, Roderick said Monday.

“The options are to do nothing, reprimand or suspend officials. That’s it,” he said.