Coaches are a different breed.

College coaches may be the strangest out of any of them, hanging their careers on the day-to-day consistency of 18- to 22-year olds. I’ve got a couple of college professors who will tell you how that went for me.

But the most wavering of that bunch of young adults is without a doubt those 18- and 19-year-olds, making junior college coaches the maddest of coaches. It’s easier to corral that particular herd of cats when they suffer a loss. But the next best thing is perhaps a close win to an over-matched opponent.

When Alabama wins by just two touchdowns against “Directional State,” that may be the only time Nick Saban cracks a smile. He can embarrass his players during film, showing them get beat by players considered inferior to them. But the Tide still gets a win, which is still the ultimate goal for every game.

Such was the case for the Garden City Busters women’s basketball team Saturday.

It’s not clear just how talented the Busters are so far — they’re just getting used to a brand new coach installing a brand new system.

But they are far better than Lamar (Colo.), Saturday’s opponent on the final night of the Buster Shootout at Conestoga Arena.

For three quarters, they proved that, shutting the Runnin’ Lopes offense down, allowing just 29 points through 30 minutes. The Lopes nearly matched that in the fourth quarter, though, scoring 24 and causing the Busters to re-group and hold off the rally.

The Busters still got the win, 58-53, but it was not the tidy rout it looked like it was going to be, and probably should be. Still, for a young team to get to 2-0 in the non-conference slate and be tested late in the game, perhaps that’s the best-case scenario.

“It is,” head coach Charinee Mitchell said, “but it’s not for my health.”

Coach coronaries aside, the Busters showed they have potential, and showed what the downside was if they do not finish games with energy. Each step-slow closeout resulted in a three-pointer for Lamar, and another dent in the Busters’ once 26-point lead.

If I had my bet, I’d imagine Mitchell might have “lost” the first three quarters of game film, and just played the fourth quarter on loop.

That’ll get their attention.