Derek Tolan’s blistering 8-under-par 64 on Saturday at Buffalo Dunes Golf Course, coupled with his rock-solid 4-under-par 67 on Friday in the first two days of the 38th Southwest Kansas Pro-Am should have been good enough for a comfortable lead.

But somebody didn’t tell Ryan Hogue.

All Hogue did was go one-shot lower with a 9-under-par 63 at the Dunes. Put that with his opening 70 on Friday at Southwind and Hogue trails Tolan by two shots (131-133) heading into Sunday’s final round of the 54-hole event.

Those two will be paired together in the 10 a.m. featured group that also will include Josh Weems, who shot a 2-under-par 70 at the Dunes Saturday following his 4-under-par 67 Friday at Southwind to trail by four shots.

They will be chasing the winner’s check of $10,000 from the total professional purse of $46,150. Twenty-seven pros are competing in the tournament.

The two top players just missed the tournament scoring record of 62 at Buffalo Dunes, set by Gary Pinns.

Tolan’s round started off solid, but not spectacular as he finished his opening nine with a 2-under-par 34. Then, he reeled off two birdies, an eagle, and two more birdies on the back nine for a 6-under-par 30.

Hogue was even better, making birdies on all the front nine holes except three (bogey) and seven (par) for a 6-under 30 and then iced it with three birdies on the incoming nine at the 11th, 13th and 16th holes, two of those being par-5s.

Former champions in the field still were well back as four-time titlist Bruce Vaughan shot a 72 for a 145 total, 1982 champion Matt Seitz was at 149 (73-76) and 2013 winner Vilhelm Bogstrand was at 151 (76-75). Vaughan and Seitz are from Hutchinson.

On the amateur side of things, 41 teams finished that portion of the Pro-Am Saturday with two teams of five players each sharing the top spot.

The team of Marty Cook, Jeffrey Weeast, Trevor Watkins, Andrew O’Brate and Chad Magner shot rounds of 58-55 at Buffalo Dunes and Southwind while the group of Chad Koster, Mike Wall, Barry Lucas, Marcus Amerin and Kory Koehn posted 57-56 at Southwind and Buffalo Dunes. Those totals of 113 were 30-under-par in the scramble format.

That was good enough to be four shots clear of third-place, a team comprised of Curtis Houser, Jimmy Wurdeman, Trevis Vanderpool, Shane Vanerpool and Anson Garcia, who scores were 61-56 at Southwind and Buffalo Dunes.

Final results and stories from Sunday will be in Monday’s Garden City Telegram and online at


38th Southwest Kansas Pro-Am

August 4-5, 2017

36-Holes (Friday-Saturday)


SW-The Golf Club at Southwind (Par 71)

BD-Buffalo Dunes Golf Course (Par 72)

Derek Tolan, SW/BD;67-64—131

Ryan Hogue, SW/BD;70-63—133

Josh Weems, SW/BD;67-70—137

Chris Thompson, SW/BD;70-68—138

Will Paulsell, SW/BD;69-72—141

Andy Connell, BD/SW;73-69—142

Matt Mabrey, BD/SW;70-72—142

Ethan Freeman,BD/SW;75-67—142

Jesse Hutchins, SW/BD;75-68—143

Mike Green, BD/SW;72-72—144

Clay Devers, BD/SW;72-72—144

Bruce Vaughan, BD/SW;73-72—145

Kade Brown, BD/SW;71-74—145

Scott Petersen, BD/SW;74-72—146

Ryan Donahue, BD/SW;76-70—146

Jack Shores, SW/BD;73-75—148

Taylor Griffith, SW/BD;74-74—148

Todd Rosetti, SW/BD;74-74—148

Matt Seitz, BD/SW;73-76—149

Derek Fribbs, BD/SW;72-77—149

Corey Knight, SW/BD;72-79—151

Vilhelm Bogstrand, BD/SW;76-75—151

W. Sinsrang (a), BD/SW;79-72—151

Zack Backer, SW/BD;75-77—152

Harrison Christie, BD/SW;73-79—152

Nichols Karavites, SW/BD;74-82—156

Logan Herbst, BD/SW;78-80—158

Lane Hensley, SW/BD;86-83—169


Amateur Teams (Scramble)

The Golf Club at Southwind (SW) (Par-71)

Buffalo Dunes Golf Course (BD) (Par-72)

Friday-Saturday Results - Final (36-Holes)

113—Marty Cook, Jeffrey Weeast, Trevor Watkins, Andrew O’Brate, Chad Magner, 58-55 (BD/SW); Chad Koster, Mike Wall, Barry Lucas, Marcus Amerin, Kory Koehn, 57-56 (SW/BD).

117—Curtis Houser, Jimmy Wurdeman, Trevis Vanderpool, Shane Vanderpool, Anson Garcia, 61-56 (SW/BD).

118—K. Hill, G. Brown, D. Watkins, T. Woodrow, B. Eakes (BD/SW); Ty. Schiffelbein, J. Stonestreeet, T. Francis, E. Meyer, J. Walsh (BD/SW).

119—T. Wynn, W. Weeast, S. Wiggins, W. Lehman, J. Riddle (BD/SW); S. Woods, J. Wahl, C. Schweizer, C. Neuschafer, A. Anderson (BD/SW); J. Drohman, D. Dreiling, J. Main, S. Ackerman, V. Hawkins (SW/BD).

120—E. Fletcher, K. Miller, C. Miller, T. Larsen, K. Stimatze (BD/SW); C. Leonard, R. Leonard, RC Leonard, R. Leonard, T. Leonard (BD/SW).

121—J. Chappel, T. Specht, P. Herreera, T. Otero, E. Fry (BD/SW); B. Beymer, G. Beymer, S. Dyer, T. Dauber, B. Bluml (SW/BD).

122—K. Rotollo, B. Riddle, D. Herring, J. Weeast, C. Walton (BD/SW); R. Kreutzer, D. Peters, J. Geist, J. Vargas, T. Maddux (BD/SW); D. Criger, G. Harris, M. Harris, J. Salas, G. Wohler (BD/SW); R. Millershaski, D. Derstein, M. Howe, B. Myatt, B. Martinez (SW/BD); L. Deardon, S. Telford, M. Burch, S. See, E. Larsen (SW/BD).

123—N. Brown, K. Colvin, B. Ingalls, M. Brown, T. Eitzen (BD/SW); Kev. Colvin, L. Eakes, N. Hatcher, A. Knudson, W. Perez (BD/SW); B. Zundt, K. Herrman, G. Elpers, M. Randall, S. Thayer (BD/SW); M. Lee, S. Magana, T. Waller, R. Wessels, T. Brenneman (SW/BD); J. Dougherty, J. Guzman, P. Adams, P. Keller, S. Harkness (SW/BD); S. Douglass, T. Mikulka, HJ Swender, Herb Swender, A. Swender (SW/BD).

124—K. Hoover, D. Reule, R. Murry, D. Hoobler, M. Heiman (SW/BD); A. Shah, E. Esquibel, J. Risley, D. Wick, A. Green (SW/BD).

125—S. O’Brate, B. Overland, T. Nevola, P. Kuneyl, J. Rodenbeek (BD/SW); J. Clingenpeel, D. Martens, C. Miller, D. McDonald, D. Strecker (SW/BD); K. Sullivan, T. Consbruck, W. Frey, J. Orr, K. Miller (SW/BD).

126—B. Johnson, N. Hawley, D. Fankhauser, R. Cornett, W. Crawford (BD/SW); R. Cundiff, Z. Arroyo, E. Arroyo, M. Winters, Z. Arroyo Jr. (SW/BD).

127—M. Bergkamp, R. McClung, M. VanVleet, C. Pierce, P. Sowers (SW/BD); J. Andrews, D. Patel, M. Gerber, P-J. Patel, K. Bascue (SW/BD).

128—Tim Schiffelbein, Tucker Schiffelbein, J. Kirchoff, R. Kirchoff, M. Gerstberger (BD/SW).

129—W. Freund, J. Martin, D. Eves, A. Cannon, R. Miller (BD/SW); J. Werner, A.J. Mies, B. Mies, J. Mies, S. Prewit (SW/BD).

130—D. Nevola, A. Dowell, M. Rice, S. Martinez, G. Schiffelbein (BD/SW); J. Clingenpeel, D. Martens, C. Miller, D. McDonald, D. Strecker (SW/BD).

135—H. Knoll, S. Guy, G. See, E. Vargas, B.Morren (BD/SW).

137—J. Johnson, T. Johnson, K. Stowers, G. Vega, I. King (BD/SW).