(TNS) — Kansas State coach Bill Snyder has been around football for a long time, and new results from a study on brain injuries make him wonder how much longer football will be around.

Snyder commented at a Manhattan Rotary Club meeting on Thursday when asked about his reaction to the stories in the news about chronic traumatic encephalopathy and concussions in the NFL.

He referenced a recent New York Times article that found cases of CTE in the brains of 110 deceased former NFL players. The study used 111 brains of former pros. The disease was most prevalent in former offensive and defensive linemen.

“If indeed those numbers continue as they appear that they have been, if it stays the same, I think you’ll see football change dramatically if indeed it even stays around,” Snyder said Thursday.

Snyder said when it comes to the K-State program, coaches take as many precautions as possible and try to educate players, coaches and parents.

“As it relates to our coaches, we’re always talking about the safest and securest ways for us to practice and play,” Snyder said. “As far as the players are concerned, I want them to understand the value of fundamentals and techniques and the appropriate way to prevent injury. All of our fundamentals are geared towards security and safety.”