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Print subscribers receive a number of Special Sections during the year as part of their newspaper. We've decided to add many of these to our website for our online viewers as well.

Check back often as we will add new guides on a regular basis.


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Class of 2013

Celebrate the accomplishments of this year's graduates from Garden City high school, Holcomb high school, and Garden City Community College.


2013 Community Guide

Explore what makes our community special in our annual Discover Southwest Kansas Community Guide. Get the information you need about local government, arts, recreation, businesses, healthcare, and schools.


2013 Spring Sports


Head Over Heels

The Garden City Telegram's 2nd Annual Bridal Show is February 24. Learn more about the show and get wedding tips in this special section.


October 2012 Health & Wellness

Read all about preventive care for various areas of your health in our October 2012 Health & Wellness section.


2012 GCHS Special Section

The 2012 GCHS Special Section celebrates the transition of Garden City High School to a brand-new state-of-the-art facility, featuring some of its amenities. Take a look.


GCHS Football Fall 2012

Get familiar with Garden City High School's football team this fall season with our Fall 2012 tab.


2012 Graduation tab

The 2012 Graduation tab celebrates this year's graduates from Garden City High School, Holcomb High and GCCC. Best wishes for future success to all the 2012 graduates.


2012 Community Guide

The 2012 edition of our annual Discover Southwest Kansas Community Guide takes a fresh look at what makes our local community special. New and current residents in the area will find the information they need about local government, arts, recreation, businesses, healthcare, and schools.


2012 Progress Report

The 2012 Progress Report has information about community growth, housing, business starts, and education.


2012 Spring Sports

The Spring Sports guide for 2012 covers baseball, softball, golf, tennis and track events. You'll find stories about GCHS players and teams, along with other area schools.


Health & Wellness Winter 2012

The Winter 2012 Health & Wellness magazine features articles on healthy eating and exercise. Learn about Paleo diets, strength training, going gluten free and keeping your family fit.


2011 Winter Sports

The Winter Sports Guide for 2011 gives you the lowdown on this season's wrestling and basketball local teams.


2012 Bus Card Directory

Our annual Business Card directory is here. Lots of local companies are listed for you to easily find an electrician, plumber, painter, or a new hairdresser. Whatever your need, there is something for everyone in this directory.


2011 Hunting Guide

Fall is time for quail & pheasant, and our 2011 Hunting Guide will give you the knowledge to have a successful hunt. The dry conditions have impacted the number of birds, but we still expect a good season.


Fall 2011 Health & Wellness

The Fall 2011 Health & Wellness Guide has a number of articles relating to cancer and it's treatment, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. You'll also find heart healthy advice for young and old readers, and profiles of some local residents and treatment facilities.


2011 Boxing 'Star Power'

The Star Power special section showcases the local boxing scene, and highlights Victor Ortiz and other boxers. Victor's upcoming championship fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. is big news for Garden City.


2011 Fall Sports

To quote a famous saying, "Are you ready for some football?" Check out our annual high school football previews in the 2011 Fall Sports guide.


2011 Southwest Kansas ProAm

The Southwest Kansas ProAm is one of the highlights of the golf season here. In the 2011 guide we'll let you know who's playing, when they're playing and who we think has the best chance of winning this year. Plus, we have maps of the course so you can follow the players or stake out a spot to watch the match.


2011 Youth in Excellence

Every year we recognize the special achievements and accomplishments of high school students from around our area. These Youth in Excellence are the shining examples of what our young people are capable of. We congratulate each and every one of them.