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Kaplan takes final event of Pro-Am

Published 8/13/2012 in Sports

By The Telegram

The main event of the Southwest Kansas Pro-Am may have been decided Saturday, but the event officially ended after the Lewis Motors-Chevrolet Shootout on Sunday at The Golf Club at Southwind.

Justin Kaplan won the event with a 4-under-par 67, after finishing the main Pro-Am tied for 35th, and took a $1,200 payout for winning Sunday.

The team of Dan Wick, Darnel Wick and Jon Risley won by one shot with a 118 on the amateur side.

"We played good," Risley said. "Our pro put us into position to where we could use his drive, except for I think, one time I hit a good drive."

Dan Wick, Darnel Wick and Risley were paired with Jack Shores, who shot a 78. Risley said Shores was able to hit his drives through a strong 20 mph wind, but it was Darnel Wick who really helped the team keep scores down, including a good chip-in on No. 8.

"Darnel had some real good putts," Risley said. "She had a 20, 25-footer that she rolled in for eagle one time."

Michael Arnaud, who tied for 11th in the Pro-Am and won the Ladies Pro-Am on Tuesday, tied for second with Todd Rossetti with 69s. Bill Allcorn's 70 had him in fourth, while a three-way tie for fifth at even-par 71 kept Dylan Davis, Charlie Holland and Jeff Howard — who won the Pioneer Electric Pro-Am to start the week — in the money.

Other notable participants included Kansas High School girls Class 6A champion Mackenzie Thayer, who played on a team with her father, Sean, as well as Garden City Community College president Herbert Swender.

See results in Scoreboard, Page B2.


Lewis Motors-Chevy Shootout


The Golf Club at Southwind

Final Results


67--Justin Kaplan, Houston, Texas

69--Michael Arnaud, Baton Rouge, La.

69--Todd Rossetti, Dallas, Texas

70--Bill Allcorn, Waco, Texas

71--Dylan Davis, Portland, Texas

71--Charlie Holland, Dallas, Texas

71--Jeff Howard, Plano, Texas

72--Gerrett Merrell, Dallas, Texas

72--Michael Carnes, New Braunfels, Texas

74--Stetson McMillan, Hideaway, Texas

74--Matthew Vela, San Antonio, Texas

75--Eric Adler, Houston, Texas

75--Nick Mason, Denver, Colo.

75--Jeff Rein, Garden Bridge, Texas

75--Sean Thayer, Garden City

78--Justin McDaniel, San Antonio, Texas

78--Tim Schiffelbein, Garden City

78--Jack Shores, Robstown, Texas

81--Ryan Martin, Garden City

84--Matthew Henson, Austin, Texas

92--Brian Whitehouse, Garden City

Amateur Teams

118--Darnel Wick, Dan Wick, Jon Risley

119--Andy Mitchell, Koster, Jenna Shook

120--Kent Sinclair, Darin Hopkins, Tyler Schiffelbein

121--Mike Shook, Ross Harms, Brad Lewis

122--De Anne Gillen, Marv Kramer, Herbert Swender

123--Tonya Colvin, Brett Jones, Renee Jones

126--Scott Bulkley, Don Gaspar, Steve Orlando

126--DR Clifford, Jim Phillips, Randy Cundiff

128--Metzen, Jamie Fisher, Willy Perez

128--Grant Harris, Eric Fry, Jeff George

130--Steve O'Brate, Steve Guy, Pete Kuneyl

131--Craig Boomhower, Dow Morris, Lennie Herman

132--Troy Consbruck, Rob Aiken, Jason Poole

134--Travis Fenderson, Brian Goad, LaVern Durst

134--Tom Richardson, Don Bowlby, Walt Burt

136--Jerry Buxton, Steve Prewit, James Arnold

139--Mark Green, Steve Keller, Steve Blickenstaff

139--Ashley Weeast, Westin Weeast, Kevin Colvin

139--David Jenkins, Mackenzie Thayer, Mark Randall

142--Jim Cornett, Ryan Cornett, Matt Lee

144--Tim Leiker, Gary Blake, Trevor Green

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