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Tulsa's Brooks, others help juniors at Pro-Am youth clinic

Published 8/5/2011 in Pro-Am


Ryan Brooks can remember all so well his first introduction to the game of golf.

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Laurie Sisk/Telegram Ryan Martin leads a youth clinic on Thursday night at Buffalo Dunes Golf Course.

Laurie Sisk/Telegram Ryan Martin leads a youth clinic on Thursday night at Buffalo Dunes Golf Course.

The University of Tulsa graduate, and now professional golfer, said he was probably four or five years old when he first grabbed a golf club.

"It was pretty quick for me," Brook said. "I grew up where there were other kids who liked the game, too, so we all just kind of fed off each other. We challenged each other, the competition amongst ourselves really helped."

Brooks, along with fellow Adams Golf Pro Tour Series member Ty Capps, long drive guru Jason Eslinger, and local professionals Cole Wasinger of Buffalo Dunes and Ryan Martin of The Golf Club at Southwind conducted the annual Junior Clinic on Thursday as part of the Southwest Kansas Pro-Am.

Approximately 100 juniors and their parents attended and participated in the nearly hour-long clinic in which the juniors were provided with a long drive exhibition by Eslinger, a Deerfield native, along with specific basic instructions on the key elements of the game — grip, stance and pre-shot routine.

"We just want to teach them the basics that they can take and begin to work on themselves," Brooks said. "These are the things that they can get and use."

Brooks, who attended Red Mountain High School in Mesa, Ariz. but now claims Tulsa as home, said he had an older brother who also played, and indicated the keys to success were much like any other sport — practice, play a lot and have fun.

"If you don't enjoy something, you're not going to go out and practice," Brooks said. "So you've got to create some games for yourself while you're out there practicing."

Brooks received his bachelor's of science degree in finance and said he turned professional right out of college.

It is his first year, though, to play on the Adams Tour.

Of his first venture to Garden City, and initial exposure to Buffalo Dunes and Southwind, Brooks said, "It's one of the best venues I've played so far.

"The courses are in great shape, the layouts are good, it's really a first-class event."

After two rounds, Brooks had rounds of 68-71--139, six shots behind the leaders and tied for 18th.

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