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2011 Pro-Am Wallace Shootout Results

Published 8/1/2011 in Pro-Am

Southwest Kansas Pro-Am

Wallace Electric Shootout The Golf Club at Southwind


1. Matthew Giles 68

2t. Brett Callas 69

2t. Nick Mason 69

4t. Eddy Koracevic 70

4t. Fergal Rafferty 70

6t. Kenny Coakley 71

6t. Wes Stonestreet 71

8t. Tyler Symons 72

8t. Charlie Sonnier 72

10t. Todd Rossetti 72

10t. Jose Toledo 73

10t. Jaxon Brigman 73

13. Jeff Howard 74

14t. Tyson Shinaut 76

14t. Ryan Martin 76

16. Blake St. John 77

17t. Cole Wasinger 79

17t. Bryan Whitehouse 79

19. Walker Frey 84

Amateur results

1. Kevin Colvin, Tonya Colvin, Toby Wynn, 126.

2. Darrin Bradstreet, Dana Grapengater, Russ Fry, 127.

3t. Sean Thayer, Mark Randall, Craing Boomhower, 128.

3t. Steve O'Brate, Andrew O'Brate, Steve Guy, 128.

Lavern Durst, Gil Wohler, Rodney VanNorden, 129.

Larry Jenkins, John Jenkins, Jack Schmidt, 129.

Mike Shook, Brad Lewis, Jeff George, 129.

Grant Harris, Mike Harris, Eric Fry, 131.

Ron Leonard, Cody Leonard, Travis Leonard, 131.

Deann Gillen, Neil Hawley, Adam Hawley, 132.

Alex Wallace, Tim Schiffelbein, Grant Larkin, 133.

Steven Orlando, John Stonestreet, Randy Cundiff, 134.

Steve Glenn, Vantel Dao, Greg Morris, 134.

Nic Gallardo, Corey Linville, Mike McMillen, 134.

Ryan Anderson, Jesse Anderson, Reann Wessles 135.

Neil Smith, Jake Juhl, Eric Fletcher, 135

Darin Hopkins, Kent Sinclair, Tim Hanigan, 138.

Jeff Weeast, Steph Weeast, Westin Weeast, 139.

Bob Peat, Tom Richardson, John Wagner, 141.

Michael Burch, Tom Blackburn, Kyle Averhoff, 148.

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