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Southwest Kansas Pro-Am Past Amateur Team Winners

Published 8/1/2011 in Pro-Am

Southwest Kansas Pro-Am

Amateur Team Winners

2010 — Mark Randall, Scott Koksal, Chad Knight, Marcus Ramos; JA Price, Steve Galliart, Rob Plumford, Kevin Bascue.

2009 — Kent Colvin, Kelly Hill, David Watkins, Larry Eakes, Greg Brown

2008 — Gil Wohler, Jeff Debusk, Terry Willis, Lawrence Baxa

2007 — Kent Colvin, Clark Churchill, Mark Baird, Chris Gardner, Jack Kirchoff.

2006 — Dick Gielow, Bryan Smith, Michael Coast, Bud Spradling.

2005 — Dennis Sherman, Alex Wallace, Marlon Kinney, Jim Rodenbeck, Eric Cooper.

2004 — (tie) Mark Baird, Mike Remick, Brad Leatherman, Stan Stewart; Kent Colvin, Tracy Utz, David Watkins, Steve Price.

2003 — Sean Thayer, Alan Streeter, Tony rubbo, Kevin Ratzlaff.

2002 — Roger Pearson, Alan Hoambrecker, Lynn Wilson, Todd Dauber.

2001 — Grant Larkin, Greg Meisel, Rob Houston, Doug Keller.

2000 — LaVern Durst, Jud Price Jr., Randy Glenn, Don Bowlby.

1999 — Sean Thayer, Dick Genter, Gavin Wright, Terryl Spiker.

1998 — Sean Thayer, Bob Clay, Nick Hatcher, Phil Escareno.

1997 — Marv Kramer, Bob Crockett, Darrin Stineman, Van Salyer.

1996 — Brannon Brittain, Cody Leonard, Bruce Shannon, Bob Glunt.

1995 — David Nichols, Bob Hull,Gail Lee, Kirby Quinn.

1994 — John Jenkins, Bill Fielding, Pete Peterson, Kirby Quinn.

1993 — Rod Riley, Craig Hay, Ron Talley, Jim Littell.

1992 — (tie) Jim Yadon, Leon Glassman, L.A. Evans, Brad Weilert; Mike Brown, Ron Jackson, Jon Flora, Jim Johnson.

1991 — (tie) Mark Moxom, Ace Dillon, Larry Blumberg; John Wagner, Chad Koster, Doug Smith; Ron Hernandez, Fr. Dick Gielow, Gary James; Tom Brenneman, Ben Garrett, Don Linville.

1990 — (tie) Steve Dennis, Al Borcher, Tom Rouse; John Schaller, Lonnie Sassaman, Doug Gray; Grant Larkin, Jerry Geier, Terry Stilley.

1989 — Kent O'Toole, Walt Weber, Tom Waller.

1988 — Greg Burghart,Dan Herman, Steve Menke.

1987 — (tie) Michael Gibson, Chuck Winer, Gene Jensen; Bob Kreutzer, Bob Tatera, Greg Cook; Jim Misunas, Jerry Braden, Dan Daubert; Ross Thornbrugh, Wayne Davis, Dave Johnson.

1986 — Mac Gustafson, Jim Misunas, Rodney VanNorden.

1985 — Kent Carmichael, Ray Walker, Vern Kinderkneckt.

1984 — Richard Kalbac, Dan Herman, Kevin Brittain.

1983 — Mike Vogt, E.E. Thayer, Everett Stewart.

1982 — No information for event held in Dodge City.

1981 — (tie) Terry Jones, Richard Lotton, Al Maestas, Forest Grider; Terry Lusk, J.R. Guerrero, Bob Kissick, Brad Botz.

1980 — No information for event held in Liberal.

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