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Hugoton Eagles

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Weaver, Sandoval on to 4A wrestling semis

Published 2/23/2013

By The Telegram

Hugoton's Patrick Weaver and Ulysses' Armando Sandoval both made it through to today's semifinals in the Class 4A state wrestling tournament.

Both wrestlers — Weaver in the 145-pound weight class and Sandoval in the 182-pound class — had winning decisions in both the opening round and second round on Friday after one evening of competition at Salina's Bicentennial Center.

Despite Hugoton's three wrestlers in Weaver, Lawson Fiss and Bradley Campbell all winning their opening matches, only Weaver capped off a win in the quarterfinals to make it to the semifinals.

Other than Sandoval, Ulysses only had two other wrestlers win their opening bouts, with Diego Maravilla in the 195-pound class and Otto Orosco in the 220-pound class.

Bryce Rodriguez and Steven Degollado both bowed out for Ulysses after losing both their opening-round and first consolation-round matches.

See results in Scoreboard, Page D2.

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