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Area doubles team still alive at 3-2-1A state tourney

Published 10/15/2011

By The Telegram

Five area players — two doubles teams, one singles — made the trip to Cimarron for the 3-2-1A state girls tennis tournament on Friday, and only one doubles team remains.

Greeley County's Kelcy Crittenden and Courtney Nemechek are still in the running for a fifth-place finish after losing to the team of Courtney and Allison Weber from Hillsboro, 6-1, 6-3.

Crittenden and Nemechek moved onto the fifth-place bracket and defeated Leah and Codey Davis of Wichita-The Independent, 9-5.

The duo from Greeley County will next play Amelia Fabrizius and Leah Flax from Wakeeney-Trego Community High School today.

The lone area singles player to play was also from Greeley County. Megan Reding lost her opening match to Claire Devlin of Conway Springs, 6-0, 6-1 but won her consolation bracket match against Olivia Wilson of Leavenworth, 9-4.

Scott City sent the doubles team of Krista Kuchank and Amelia Vasko to Cimarron but the duo came up empty-handed.

Kuchank and Vasko lost their opener to Gentry McLeland and Kaitlyn Robl of Ellinwood, 6-4, 6-0.

They moved onto the consolation bracket where they lost to Ashley Bruna and Addie Wassenberg of Marysville, 9-5.

See results on Scoreboard, Page B2.

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