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55th Rocky Welton Invitational Wrestling - Final Results

Published 1/28/2013

Individual Results

Championship Finals

106--Terrill, ARKS dec. Prieto, GCKS, 6-3.

113--Mascarenas, CLNM pinned Defore, ARKS, 2:33.

120--Palmgren, PVNM dec. Cokeley, SJKS, 10-4.

126--Kough, SCKS dec. Harrison, NWKS, 9-3.

132--Rubio, RDTX dec. Briscoe, GCKS, 6-3.

138--Edwards, DCKS maj. dec. Nieto, CLNM, 9-0.

145--Eastman, ARKS dec. Weaver, HUKS, 6-0.

152--Villers, ARKS pinned Fiss, HUKS, 0:58.

160--Keys, CECO pinned Torres, EMKS, 1:07.

170--Salsbury, SJKS pinned Vigil, CLNM, 1:40.

182--Eck, ANKS pinned Stafford, BACCO, 3:21.

195--Weigel, HYKS dec. Archer, NWKS, 2-0.

220--Panky, CLNM def. Acosta, PVNM, 7-5 (OT).

285--Laulu, SCCO dec. Wilcox, CHKS, 1-0.

Consolation Third Round

106--Wood, MZKS pinned Cates, FVCO, 2:41; Tujague, SJKS dec. Esparsen, CECO, 8-1.

113--McRoberts, DCKS dec. Sanchez, GCKS, 7-2; Miller, ULKS dec. Sanchez, GBKS, 10-7; Furnish, ANKS maj. dec. Martinez, BCCO, 11-2; Duran, MVCO maj. dec. Batterton, BACCO, 19-5.

120--Martinez, CECO pinned Christiansen, NWKS, 3:31; Rodriguez, ULKS pinned Nieto, CLNM, 2:58; Schipper, CCCO def. Barchenger, ECCO, 18-2, TF; Wilgers, MZKS dec. Urrutia, GCKS, 8-2.

126--Castillo, GCKS dec. Graves, DCKS, 8-4; George, ECCO pinned Cowan, MVCO, 4:52; Eck, ANKS dec. Guillen, CLNM, 6-5; Martinez, HUKS dec. Lester, FVCO, 4-3.

132--Dugan, ECCO pinned Whitson, EMKS, 2:15; Nuno, MZKS pinned Loeschen, DCKS, 1:50; Loflin, BACCO maj. dec. Martin, CECO, 11-2; Johns, NWKS dec. Borunda, MVCO, 3-2.

138--Nuckles, ARKS dec. Shively, COCO, 4-2; Tenorio, LJCO pinned Campos, LBKS, 2:27; Baldwin, MZKS dec. Bandares, HLKS, 3-1; Cooper, MVCO pinned Deschwande, ECCO, 0:32.

145--Robinson, FVCO dec. Westphal, BACCO, 3-1; Owings, MZKS pinned Sedbrook, HAYS, 2:51; Vanlerberg, SJKS pinned Roberts, GBKS, 3:35; Rodriguez, ULKS dec. Hermosillo, SCKS, 6-1.

152--Altimarano, LJCO dec. Richardson, CECO, 9-7; Jaquess, SCCO def. Garcia, DCKS, 15-0; TF; Schuster, BCCO pinned McGarvey, NWKS, 2:46; Wilson, LBKS pinned Gloudeman, MZKS, 2:21.

160--Forgey, BACCO pinned Metcalf, SCCO, 1:38; Mock, NWKS def. Rysanek, CLNM, inj. default; Hardy, PVNM maj. dec. Meehan, DCKS, 10-0; Bethune, CCCO pinned Grobarcik, COCO, 2:24.

170--Keller, DCKS pinned Halaseh, SCCO, 3:39; Hamilton, CECO dec. Kerr, PVNM, 12-5; Monrroy, EMKS dec. Balsells, FVCO, 7-3; Tuefel, ARKS dec. Nance, MZKS, 4-0.

182--Beauford, ECCO dec. Long, GCKS, 10-4; Boren, CLNM pinned Ashton, BCCO, 2:57; Breckenrid, ARKS dec. Lay, LBKS, 8-1; Pfeifer, HYKS pinned Ornelas, NWKS, 2:46.

195--Reyes, GCKS maj. dec. Tenorio, LJCO, 15-5; Eckman, EMKS pinned Pavlovsky, CECO, 3:18; Romo, CLNM def. Maravilla, ULKS, 3-1 (0T); Pink, ARKS dec. Campbell, HUKS, 12-6.

220--Gallegos, NWKS def. Orosco, ULKS, 3-1 (OT); Brewer, GBKS pinned Wells, SCKS, 1:26.

285--Wilkinson, PVNM dec. Crane, GBKS, 2-1; McGrew, ARKS def. McEachern, SCKS, 3-2 (UTB); Helms, Unat. pinned Betzen, ANKS, 1:42; Bickel, LJCO pinned Westphal, BACCO, 1:40.

Consolation Fourth Round

106--Sandoval, PVNM maj. dec. Wood, MZKS, 14-1; Garcia, MVCO dec. Tujague, SJKS, 4-2.

113--McRoberts, DCKS maj. dec. Miler, ULKS, 8-0; Furnish, ANKS maj. dec. Duran, MVCO, 12-0.

120--Jurgens, SCKS pinned Martinez, CECO, 1:00; Liles, GBKS maj. dec. Rodriguez,, ULKS, 10-1; Weil, DCKS maj. dec. Schipper, CCCO, 8-0; Wilgers, MZKS pinned Spies, COCO, 3:17.

126--Moon, MZKS dec. Castillo, GCKS, 2-0; Whitson, EMKS pinned George, ECCO, 2:17; Chenoweth, BACCO dec. Eck, ANKS, 5-1; Dietrich, ARKS pinned Martinez, HUKS, 4:26.

132--Dugan, ECCO dec. Amos, HLKS, 5-1; Smith, LBKS dec. Nuno, MZKS, 9-8; Juckes, PVNM pinned Loflin, BACCO, 4:34; Johns, NWKS dec. Coffey, CCCO, 6-4.

138--Detwiler, EMKS dec. Nuckles, ARKS, 9-4; Tenorio, LJCO def. Hurtado, GCKS, inj. default; Baldwin, MZKS pinned Wilson, CECO, 2:00; Seemann, BACCO pinned Cooper, MVCO, 2:56.

145--Briamah, LBKS maj. dec. Robinson, FVCO, 11-0; Ellison, ECCO pinned Owings, MZKS, 2:11; Vanlerberg, SJKS maj. dec. Ostrom, DCKS, 12-0; Strunk, PVNM dec. Rodriguez, ULKS, 14-8.

152--Altimarano, LJCO dec. Lermaseux, CLNM, 4-3; Jaquess, SCCO dec. Adler, GCKS, 5-3; Pacheco, MVCO def. Schuster, BCCO, 19-4, TF: Wilson, LBKS dec. Pratt, SJKS, 3-2.

160--Helms, ARKS pinned Forgey, BACCO, 3:56; Hofmeister, GBKS dec. Mock, NWKS, 2-1; Kropp, SCKS dec. Hardy, PVNM, 6-0; Maik, LJCO dec. Bethune, CCCO, 10-3.

170--Wishon, SCKS pinned Keller, DCKS, 1:31; Meyers, HYKS pinned Hamilton, CECO, 0:37; Monrroy, EMKS dec. Puris, ECCO, 3-1; Gardner, GCKS pinned Tuefel, ARKS, 3:53.

182--Aziz, CECO dec. Beauford, ECCO, 8-3; Muehlberge, SJKS pinned Boren, CLNM, 2:23; Breckenrid, ARKS def. Tussey, COCO, inj. default; Abbott, CCCO pinned Pfeifer, HYKS, 2:01.

195--Phillips, BCCO pinned Reyes, GCKS, 4:19; Eckman, EMKS dec. Henry, GBKS, 3-2; Gates, ANKS pinned Romo, CLNM, 1:17; Henson, RDTX pinned Pink, ARKS, 3:22.

220--Cox, ARKS dec. Gallegos, NWKS, 1-0; Benell, CCCO pinned Brewer, GBKS, 1:37.

285--Borjas, LBKS dec. Wilkinson, PVNM, 4-0; McGrew, ARKS dec. Scott, HYKS, 7-5; Helms, Unat. dec. Feist, SJKS, 7-6; Fuller, GCKS pinned Bickel, LJCO, 2:34.

Consolation Fifth Round

120--Liles, GBKS maj. dec. Jurgens, SCKS, 10-2; Weil, DCKS dec. Wilgers, MZKS, 2-0.

126--Moon, MZKS dec. Whitson, EMKS, 5-1; Dietrich, ARKS dec. Chenoweth, BACCO, 7-1.

132--Smith, LBKS dec. Dugan, ECCO, 7-5; Juckes, PVNM def. Johns, NWKS, 19-2, TF.

138--Detwiler, EMKS def. Tenorio, LKCO, 17-1, TF; Seemann, BACCO dec. Baldwin, MZKS, 4-3.

145--Briamah, LBKS dec. Ellison, ECCO, 1-0; Vanlerberg, SJKS pinned Strunk, PVNM, 0:43.

152--Jaquess, SCCO maj. dec. Altimarano, LJCO, 12-2; Wilson, LBKS dec. Pacheco, MVCO, 5-2.

160--Hofmeister, GBKS pinned Helms, ARKS, 2:56; Kropp, SCKS dec. Maik, LJCO, 3-2.

170--Meyers, HYKS pinned Wishon, SCKS, 3:40; Gardner, GCKS dec. Monrroy, GCKS, 4-3.

182--Muehlberge, SJKS pinned Aziz, CECO, 3:51; Abbott, CCCO pinned Breckenrid, ARKS, 2:37.

195--Eckman, EMKS dec. Phillips, BCCO, 6-2; Henson, RDTX pinned Gates, ANKS, 1:17.

285--McGrew, ARKS dec. Borjas, LBKS, 3-1; Fuller, GCKS pinned Helms, Unat., 1:18.

Consolation Semifinals

106--Sandoval, PVNM maj. dec. Wood, MZKS, 14-1; Garcia, MVCO dec. Tujague, SJKS, 4-2.

113--Yakobson, BCCO maj. dec. McRoberts, DCKS, 9-0; Archuleta, PVNM dec. Furnish, ANKS, 12-9.

120--Mies, ANKS maj. dec. Liles, GBKS, 9-1; Loader, BACCO pinned Weil, DCKS, 1:16.

126--Moon, MZKS dec. Coombs, CECO, 5-2; Garcia, BCCO maj. dec. Dietrich, ARKS, 13-3.

132--Biddle, ARKS dec. Smith, LBKS, 6-5; Burley, GBKS dec. Juckes, PVNM, 8-2.

138--Detwiler, EMKS dec. Gutierrez, FVCO, 9-3; Seemann, BACCO pinned Cortez, ULKS, 4:38.

145--Thompson, RDTX dec. Briamah, LBKS, 10-3; Kennedy, GCKS dec. Vanlerberg, SJKS, 9-4.

152--Duwe, CHKS pinned Jaquess, SCCO, 0:56; Rino, PVNM dec. Wilson, LBKS, 7-3.

160--Armstrong, ANKS dec. Hofmeister, GBKS, 5-0; Kropp, SCKS def. Finch, GCKS, 6-2 (SV-1).

170--Meyers, HYKS def. Sharpe, BACCO, 7-6 (SV-1); Langley, NWKS dec. Gardner, GCKS, 4-2.

182--Muehlberge, SJKS def. Ellsaesser, PVNM, inj. default; Sandoval, ULKS maj. dec. Abbott, CCCO, 13-2.

195--Loflin, BACCO dec. Eckman, EMKS, 5-1; Henson, RDTX maj. dec. Smithey, CHKS, 11-3.

220--Cox, ARKS dec. Gallegos, NWKS, 1-0; Benell, CCCO pinned Brewer, GBKS, 1:37.

285--Howshar, ECCO pinned McGrew, ARKS, 1:28; Lee, NWKS pinned Fuller, GCKS, 1:35.

Fifth/Sixth Place

106--Tujague, SJKS def. Wood, MZKS, inj. default.

113--McRoberts, DCKS dec. Furnish, ANKS, 3-2.

120--Weil, DCKS dec. Liles, GBKS, 5-0.

126--Coombs, CECO def. Dietrich, ARKS, inj. default.

132--Smith, LBKS dec. Juckes, PVNM, 8-4.

138--Cortez, ULKS dec. Gutierrez, FVCO, 9-6.

145--Vanlerberg, SJKS maj. dec. Briamah, LBKS, 10-1.

152--Jaquess, SCCO dec. Wilson, LBKS, 7-2.

160--Hofmeister, GBKS dec. Finch, GCKS, 7-2.

170--Gardner, GCKS def. Sharpe, BACCO, inj. default.

182--Abbott, CCCO def. Ellsaesser, PVNM, inj. default.

195--Eckman, EMKS def. Smithey, CHKS, 3-2 (UTB).

220--Gallegos, NWKS pinned Brewer, GBKS, 0:33.

285--McGrew, ARKS def. Fuller, GCKS, 2-1 (TB-1).

Third/Fourth Place

106--Garcia, MVCO dec. Sandoval, PVNM, 6-0.

113--Archuleta, PVNM pinned Yakobson, BCCO, 4:05.

120--Mies, ANKS pinned Loader, BACCO, 2:59.

126--Garcia, BCCO dec. Moon, MZKS, 5-0.

132--Burley, GBKS dec. Biddle, ARKS, 1-0.

138--Detwiler, EMKS def. Seemann, BACCO, 5-4 (OT).

145--Thompson, RDTX pinned Kennedy, GCKS, 1:35.

152--Duwe, CHKS maj. dec. Rino, PVNM, 13-4.

160--Armstrong, ANKS dec. Kropp, SCKS, 3-2.

170--Langley, NWKS dec. Meyers, HYKS, 3-1.

182--Sandoval, ULKS def. Muehlberge, SJKS, inj. default.

195--Loflin, BACCO dec. Henson, RDTX, 7-1.

220--Cox, ARKS dec. Benell, CCCO, 4-3.

285--Lee, NWKS def. Howshar, ECCO, inj. default.

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