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Rocky Welton 2012 results

Published 1/24/2013

54th Rocky Welton Invitational

at Garden City

Team Scores

1. Arkansas City 194.5; 2. Newton 169.5; 3. Pine Creek, Colo. 160.5; 4. Andale 144; 5. Ponderosa, Colo. 123; 6. Emporia 122.5; 7. Roosevelt, Colo. 113; 8. Cleveland, N.M. 103.5; 9. GARDEN CITY 99.5; 10. Bear Creek, Colo. 98; 11. Hays High 95.5; 12. Dodge City 80.5; 13. SCOTT CITY 69.5; 14. Canon City, Colo. 66; 15. HUGOTON 63.5; 16. Abilene 50; 17. ULYSSES 49; 18. Great Bend 44; 19. St. James Academy 39.5; 20. Liberal 32; 21. Conifer, Colo. 31; 22. Sand Creek, Colo. 28.5; 23. Lewis-Palmer, Colo. 28; 24. Chaparral 20; 25. LaJunta, Colo. 17; 26. Maize 15.5; 27. HOLCOMB 8.


Individual Results

Championship Finals

106--Terrill, ARK fall Watson, PC.

113--Mascarenas, CLE maj. dec. Mies, AND, 9-0.

120--Garcia, BC dec. Borrego, CLE, 3-0.

126--Watters, ARK dec. Edwards, DC, 4-0.

132--Martinez, PC fall Eastman, ARK.

138--Charbonneau, EMP dec. Lopez, ROS, 3-1.

145--Johns, NEW dec. Lewis, PON, 3-0.

152--McMichael, ARK dec. Armstrong, AND, 5-2.

160--Duhr, AND dec. Dice, ARK, 6-3.

170--Eck, AND dec. Weigel, HAY, 2-0.

182--Montelongo, CC dec. Kelly, ABL, 5-1.

195--Archer, NEW dec. Tribble, PC, 9-3.

220--Drylie, HAY dec. Lissolo, HUG, 4-2.

285--Hayes, SC dec. Wilcox, 1-0.

Ed Cramer Outstanding Wrestler Award--Geordan Martinez, Pine Creek, 132-pounds. Four wins, all by falls.


Consolation Finals (3rd-4th; 5th-6th)

106--Yakobson, BC dec. D. Eck, AND, 10-9; Cokeley, STJ fall Hayden, ROS.

113--Garcia, DC dec. Briscoe, GC, 2-1; Perez, ULY dec. Cos, PC, 5-1.

120--Burley, GB dec. Calderon, GC, 1-0; Harrison, NEW dec. Hensley, STJ, 3-1 (OT).

126--Martinez, PON fall Carlson, EMP; Stiles, HAY dec. Wallace, PC, 1-0.

132--Mulligan, SC dec. Monares, NEW, 6-4; Dakin, EMP dflt. Engles, AND.

138--Villers, ARK dec. Phillis, GC, 10-3; Del Rio, LAJ dec. Bretz, GB, 9-3.

145--Fiss, HUG dec. Ortiz, PC, 3-2; Marick, ROS fall Braimah, LIB.

152--Weaver, HUG dec. Morales, ULY, 3-2; McMullen, PON dec. Urban, ROS, 1-0.

160--Torres, EMP dec. Heiman, GC, 3-2; Markowski, PC dflt. Eggers, DC.

170-- Gallegos, PON dec. Salisbury, STJ, 7-3; Sanchez, ROS dec. Langley, NEW, 6-5.

182--Napier, CLE dec. McConnell, NEW, 5-1; Sandoval, ULY dflt. Williams, PON.

195--Crane, PON fall Ashi, EMP; Rule, HAY dec. Phillips, BC, 5-0.

220--Morton, BC dec. Gallegos, NEW, 8-1; Bennell, CC dec. Davis, ROS, 3-2.

285--Fuller, CON fall Lee, NEW; Busch, CC dec. Laulu, SND, 4-2.

Consolation Semifinals

106--Yakobson, BC dec. Cokeley, STJ, 7-5; Eck, AND fall Hayden, ROS.

113--Garcia, DC dec. Cos, PC, 5-1; Briscoe, GC dec. Perez, ULY, 3-1.

120--Calderon, GC dec. Harrison, NEW, 3-2; Burley, GB dec. Hensley, STJ, 3-1.

126--Carlson, EMP dec. Stiles, HAY, 1-0; Martinez, PON Maj.dec. Wallace, PC, 11-0.

132--Mulligan, SC dec. Dakin, EMP, 3-0; Monares, NEW def. Engles, AND.

138--Villers, ARK fall Del Rio, LAJ; Phillis, GC Maj.dec. Bretz, GB, 12-4.

145--Ortiz, PC fall Braimah, LIB; Fiss, HUG fall Marick, ROS.

152--Morales, ULY dec. Urban, ROS, 6-2; Weaver, HUG dec. McMullen, PON, 4-2.

160--Heiman, GC dec. Eggers, DC, 6-2; Torres, EMP fall Markowski, PC.

170--Gallegos, PON dec. Sanchez, ROS, 9-2; Salsbury, STJ dec. Langley, NEW, 2-0.

182--McConnell, NEW dec. Sandoval, ULY, 3-1; Napier, CLE def. Williams, PON.

195--Ashi, EMP dec. Phillips, BC, 7-5; Crane, PON fall Rule, HAY.

220--Morton, BC Maj.dec. Benell, CC, 11-0; Gallegos, NEW fall Davis, ROS.

285--Lee, NEW fall Busch, CC; Fuller, CON fall Laulu, SND.

Consolation Quarterfinals

106--Yakobson, BC Maj.dec. Crider, MZE, 15-4; Hayden, ROS dec. Detwiler, EMP. 1-0.

113--Cos, PC Maj.dec. Whitson, EMP, 11-1; Briscoe, GC dec. Perez, ARK, 6-0.

120--Harrison, NEW dec. Dietrich, ARK, 3-1; Hensley, STJ dec. Hartling, LEW, 7-1.

126--Carlson, EMP dec. Kear, AND, 3-1; Wallace, PC dec. Roberts, GB, 3-1.

132--Dakin, EMP fall OT Hurtado, GC; Monares, NEW Maj.dec. Sare, ABL, 8-0.

138--Del Rio, LAJ dec. Miller, AND, 7-4; Bretz, GB fall McEachern, NEW.

145--Braimah, LIB def. Adler, GC; Marick, ROS fall Perez, ARK.

152--Urban, ROS fall Wilson, LIB; McMullen, PON Maj.dec. Vigil, CLE, 17-3.

160--Heiman, GC fall Glenn, LEW; Markowski, PC fall Meyers, HAY.

170--Gallegos, PON dec. King, CLE, 8-6; Salsbury, STJ dec. Hockenbury, ARK, 5-3.

182--Sandoval, ULY fall Cox, ARK; Williams, PON dec. OT Frank, ROS, 3-2.

195--Ashi, EMP dec. OT Simon, CLE, 3-1; Crane, PON dec. Reyes, GC, 7-2.

220--Benell, CC dec. Serna, DE, 9-2; Davis, ROS dec. Lennon, PON, 3-0.

285--Busch, CC fall Noah, ARK; Laulu, SND dec. OT Madden, HAY, 2-1.

Consolation Fourth Round

106--Yakobson, BC T-fall Sanchez, GC, 17-2; Crider, MZE dec. Nicoley, CLE, 11-6; Hayden, ROS fall Baugh, ABL; Detwiler, EMP dec. Fairleigh, SC, 13-6.

113--Cos, PC Maj.dec. Jurgens, SC, 9-0; Whitson, EMP Maj.dec. McDowell, ABL, 11-1; Perez, ARK dec. Segura, BC, 2-0; Briscoe, GC dec. Wilgers, MZE, 9-2.

120--Harrison, NEW def. Francis, ROS; Dietrich, ARK fall Nelson, SND; Hartling, LEW Maj.dec. Graves, DC, 14-5; Hensley, STJ dec. Russel, EMP, 2-0.

126--Carlson, EMP dec. Strauss, ABL, 3-1; Kear, AND dec. Torres, NEW, 3-1; Wallace, PC fall Roybal, CLE; Roberts, GB fall Sutton, SND.

132--Dakin, EMP dec. Nieto, CLE, 9-2; Hurtado, GC dec. Sively, CON, 8-6; Monares, NEW fall Cary, ROS; Sare, ABL def. Grosvenor, BC.

138--Miller, AND dec. Smith, LIB, 9-2; Del Rio, LAJ dec. Eggleston, SC, 8-3; Bretz, GB fall Munoz, HOL; McEachern, NEW fall Baldwin, MZE.

145--Adler, GC dq Franco, HAY; Braimah, LIB dec. Berry, CC, 6-4; Marick, ROS fall Paul, SC; Perez, ARK fall Rivera, BC.

152--Wilson, LIB dec. Altamirano, LAJ, 9-0; Urban, ROS fall Wells, PC; Vigil, CLE dec. Deterding, HAY, 5-2; McMullen, PON dec. Barringer, LEW, 8-3.

160--Heiman, GC dec. Good, PON, 6-4; Glenn, LEW dec. Yager, GB, 9-7; Meyers, HAY fall Maik, LAJ; Markowski, PC fall Hutton, NEW.

170--King, CLE fall Turner, SC; Gallegos, PON dec. Haller, HUG, 4-1; Salsbury, STJ dec. Kelly, BC, 16-11; Hockenbury, ARK fall Ortiz, PC.

182--Sandoval, ULY Maj.dec. Glenn, LEW, 14-0; Cox, ARK fall List, PC; Frank, ROS fall Nance, MZE; Williams, PON fall Eckman, EMP.

195--Simon, CLE dec. Glenn, LEW, 10-6; Ashi, EMP dec. Hernandez, DC, 5-3; Reyes, GC, dec. Schmidt, ROS, 3-2; Crane, PON Maj.dec. Salas, ULY, 15-4.

220--Benell, CC dec. Prieto, GB, 5-0; Serna, DC fall Nunez, LIB; Lennon, PON fall Webster, PC; Davis, ROS fall Castaneda, GC.

285--Busch, CC fall Todd, ABL; Noah, ARK dec. OT Banz, AND, 2-1; Laulu, SND fall Carreon, GC; Madden, HAY dec. Fields, PC, 3-1.

Consolation Third Round

106--Sanchez, GC dec. McRoberts, DC, 11-6; Crider, MZE fall Kohl, HAY; Baugh, ABL def. Miller, ULY; Fairleigh, SC fall Roybal, SND.

113--Jurgens, SC dec. Swafford, ROS, 5-0; Whitson, EMP dec. Vanderpool, LEW, 6-0; Perez, ARK dec. Amos, HOL 10-5; Wilgers, MZE dec. Schipper, CC, 6-1.

120--Francis, ROS fall Frye, PC; Nelson, SND dec. Laursen, MZE, 7-5; Graves, DC fall Mendoza, ULY; Russel, EMP dec. Rein, ABL, 5-1.

126--Carlson, EMP T-fall Bending, ROS, 15-0; Kear, AND dec. Coffey, CC, 6-0; Roybal, CLE fall Anchondo, SC; Sutton, SND T-fall Littell, HUG, 15-0.

132--Nieto, CLE dec. Turco, PON, 10-9; Shively, CON fall Schubert, SND; Monares, NEW fall Bethune, CC; Sare, ABL Maj.dec. Martinez, HUG, 12-0.

138--Miller, AND dec. Lermaseux, CLE, 6-4; Eggleston, SC fall Nolin, CON; Munoz, HOL dec. Pincola, BC, 7-1; Baldwin, MZE fall Farrell, SND.

145--Franco, HAY fall Ostrom, DC; Braimah, LIB Maj.dec. Anderson, LEW, 10-1; Paul, SC dec. Oliver, CON, 6-4; Perez, ARK dec. Garcia, EMP, 5-0.

152--Altamirano, LAJ dec. Mock, NEW, 6-2; Wells, PC dec. Jackson, EMP, 6-1; Deterding, HAY dec. Esquivel, GC, 1-0; McMullen, PON T-fall Jaquess, SND 18-2.

160--Good, PON Maj.dec. Yarbrough, CLE 14-3; Yager, GB fall Garnette, ULY; Maik, LAJ dec. Burdick, BC, 3-1; Hutton, NEW fall Campbell, HUG.

170--Turner, SC dec. OT Gardner, GC 1-0; Haller, HUG dec. Wyman, LEW, 5-3; Kelly, BC dec. Monrroy, EMP, 9-5; Ortiz, PC dec. Tussey, CON, 13-9.

182--Glenn, LEW fall Drylie, HAY; List, PC dec. Rodriguez, GC, 5-2; Nance, MZE dec. Henry, GB, 4-2; Eckman, EMP dec. Ward, DC, 9-2.

195--Glenn, LEW Maj.dec. Tenorio, LAJ, 14-6; Ashi, EMP dec. Dorantes, ARK, 4-1; Reyes, GC fall Henely, ABL; Salas, ULY fall Lay, LIB.

220--Nunez, LIB fall McGrew, ARK; Webster, PC fall Rodriguez, ULY.

285--Todd, ABL fall Phillips, DC; Banz, AND fall Fowler, LEW; Carreon, GC fall Kent, BC; Fields, PC dec. Licon, HUG, 3-1.

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