Garden City Buffaloes

Garden City Buffaloes

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GCHS wrestling historical profile

Published 1/24/2013

Past State Champions

2012--AJ Hurtado

2011--Anthony Calderon

2010--Lane Greenlee/Joey Dozier

2002--Ryan Kromer

2000/2001--Jason Nichols

1999--Jordan Nichols

1998--Kregg Schmidt

1997--Rob Mouser/Richard Janas/Billy Blackwell

1996--Rob Mouser

1995--Donavon Diehl

1991--Jason Harmon

1990--James Cross/Martin Segovia

1988--Stacy Graff

1980--Joe Arellano

1978/1979--Jon Bigler

1974--Al Gomez

1971--Henry Crosby

1970--Mark Hooker

1965--John Lightner

1962--Dan Dunham

1961--Mark Scott


Rocky Welton Champions

(Records incomplete)

1984--David Urrutia (Outstanding Wrestler)

1985--Mike McMillen/Evan Parr

1988--Stacy Graff

1989--Martin Segovia

1990--Martin Segovia (Outstanding Wrestler)/Myron Ellegood/Eric De La Rosa/James Cross/Robbie Ellegood

1991--Eric De La Rosa/Jason Harman/Robbie Ellegood

1992--Phi Van/Kevin Perez/Myron Ellegood/Jason Harman

1993--Steve Mesa (Outstanding Wrestler)

1996--Rob Mouser/Bill Blackwell

1997--Bill Blackwell

1999--Jordan Nichols

2000--Jason Nichols

2001--Jason Nichols

2010--Colt McElroy

Past Team State Champions

1999, 1998, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1971

Garden City High School

Coaching History

2013--Carlos Prieto

2008-2012--Monte Moser

2000-2007--Martin Segovia

1985-1999--Rocky Welton

1984--Randy Steen

1982-1983--Todd Porter

1979-1981--Barry Huitema

1977-1978--Tom Ostrander

1973-1976--Marvin Landes

1969-1972--Lee Albert

1963-1968--Bob Wilson

1953-1962--John Dickerson

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missed the list

how dissappointing - Bryan Irsik is not listed for his 2006 championship win but Colt McElroy who won by default is.

Posted by: Karen Irsik on 1/25/2013