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Buffs routed in twin bill

Published 5/16/2014


It may not show in its final scores, but the Garden City High School Buffalo baseball team managed to hold its own in a doubleheader against the now 27-7 Word of Life Fire.

In the first game Thursday at Clint Lightner Stadium, the Buffaloes fell to the Fire, 16-3. They ended the evening with a loss of 17-8.

"We knew we were going to face a good team offensively," head coach Bill Wilson said. "They've got numbers that are remarkable. I mean, it's amazing what kind of numbers offensively they put up, and we felt that we could match them. And in the second game we did."

The first game started out rough for the Buffs as the Fire sent four runners across home plate in the second inning.

Losing pitcher for the Busters was Ivan Guttierez, who gave up eight runs in his five innings on the mound. Guttierez was switched for Daven Acker, who allowed no hits during his inning of relief for the Buffs. Finishing up game one as pitcher was Mitchell Hernandez, who allowed four hits and five runs.

Ending the game on an even rougher note for the Buffs, the Fire plated eight runs in the sixth inning to end the game due to the mercy 10-run rule.

Beginning the second game, it seemed as though the Buffs were in for another pounding as the Fire scored seven runs in the top of the first inning. The Buffs answered by putting four points of their own on the board.

Pitcher Thomas Solorio managed to keep the Fire at bay in the top of the second which allowed for the Buffs to rally.

Martin Terrazas began the bottom of the second by grounding out. Daven Acker followed up by hitting a double to center field. With a 1-2 count, Mitchell Hernandez belted a 2-run home run. Solorio then singled and that was followed up by Marcus Zapata's double. Mario Montoya was walked to load the bases by Fire pitcher Jack Halloren. Guttierez singled to send Solorio and Zapata home. Montoya scored on an error from a passed ball, providing the Buffs an 8-7 lead, the only time the Buffs would be on top during the two games.

Word of Life quickly answered with three runs of its own to begin the domination of the greater part of the game.

"We have just not found a guy that's going to come in after we throw up some good numbers and come out on the mound and say, 'You're not going to do anything. I'm going to close you down,'" Wilson said. "And it's been that way all year. That's been our Achilles' Heel to say the least."

Shortly after the Buffaloes lost their control of the game, Wilson was ejected from the game for questioning the judgement of the umpire.

"I just thought the strike zone was a little bit... out there," Wilson said. "It's totally my fault."

The Fire and Buffs coasted through the next three innings, with Fire pitchers Halloren and Rodriguez keeping the Buffs from scoring any more runs.

The Buffalo baseball team will play Wichita Southeast at 4 p.m. today in a game to be played at Derby.

Linescores in Scoreboard, Page B2.


Game 1

Word of Life 141 020 8 -- 16 13 1

Garden City 110 010 0 -- 3 6 3

Telemica, Begane(3) and Contreras. Guttierrez, Acker(6), Hernandez(7) and Solorio. W¬­--Begane. L¬­--Guttierrez. 2B--Word of Life, Chisolm, Ibarra, Dean, Halloren. 3B--Word of Life, Johnson.

Game 2

Word of Life 705 301 1¬­ -- 17 11 0

Garden City 440 000 0 -- 8 10 0

Halloren, Rodriguez (6) and Dean. Solorio, Brunson (5) and Acker. W--Halloren. L--Solorio. 2B--Word of Life, Ibarra (2); Garden City, Acker, Zapata, Solorio, Brunson. 3B--Word of Life, Chisolm, Dean. HR--Garden City, Hernandez.

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