Dighton Hornets

Dighton Hornets

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On Tap

Published 9/5/2009


College volleyball — Noon, GCCC at Colby Inv.


Prep soccer — 3 p.m., GCHS boys at Wichita South Tournament.


Prep golf — 3 p.m., Holcomb, Syracuse, Lakin at Goodland Inv.

Prep volleyball — 4 p.m., Cimarron, Meade, Lakin at Elkhart; Hugoton, Syracuse, Sublette at Wichita Co.; 4:30 p.m., Moscow, So. Gray at Minneola; 5 p.m., GCHS at Newton/Ark City.


Prep volleyball — 3 p.m., Satanta, Stanton Co. SW Heights at Holcomb (HPL quad).


Prep soccer — TBA, GCHS at Wichita South Tournament.

Prep golf — 3 p.m., GCHS, Lakin, Sublette at Dodge City Inv.

Prep cross country — 4 p.m., GCHS at Hutchinson; Sublette at Meade Inv.

Prep volleyball — 4 p.m., Sublette, Lakin at Dodge City Quad.


Prep football — 7 p.m., Maize South at GCHS, Holcomb at Sublette; Rolla at Moscow; Wichita Co. at Meade; Lakin at Hugoton; Satanta at Cimarron; SW Heights at Elkhart; Stanton Co. at Syracuse; Weskan at Greeley Co.; Scott City at Pratt; TMP at Ness City/Dighton; Ulysses at Hays High; So. Gray at So. Central; Western Plains at Golden Plains.

Saturday, September 12

Golf -- Windmill Golf Classic at The GC at Southwind.

Prep soccer — TBA, GCHS boys at Wichita South Tournament.

Prep volleyball — 8 a.m., GCHS at Valley Center Tournament; 8:30 a.m., Lakin at Gove Co. Classic; 9 a.m., Ingalls, Moscow at Jetmore Inv.; SW Heights at Hugoton Inv.

Prep tennis — 10 a.m., GCHS girls at Great Bend.

Prep cross country — 10 a.m., Lakin, Scott City, Wichita Co. at Greeley Co. Inv.

College football — 7 p.m., GCCC vs. Butler Co. at Wichita Cessna Stadium.

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