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Area athletes place in powerlift event

Published 3/31/2014

By The Telegram

Several athletes from Stanton County and Wichita County high schools competed Saturday in the Kansas Class 2A State Powerlifting Tournament in Solomon.

Four Stanton County girls placed in their respective divisions with Jenna Black and Reilly Erskin taking fourth and fifth in the 114-pound class in the squad competition with 150 points each. Cassie Overturf was third in the 165-pound class squat event at 160 pounds while Lexi Shironaka was sixth in the 156-pound class in the squat event at 205 pounds.

Shironaka also placed second in the bench press in the 156-pound class with a press of 140 pounds while Overturf was runner-up at 165 in the bench press at 95 pounds. The Stanton County girls compiled 11 points to place ninth in the team race, which was won by Jefferson County North with 52 points. Eighteen teams competed.

On the boys side, Jorge Gallegos of Wichita County won the Squat 114-pound Class with a mark of 225 pounds while Stanton County's Jose Mendoza was fourth in the event at 165 pounds. In the heavyweight squat competition, Eddie Camacho of Stanton County was sixth at 425 pounds.

In the bench press competition, Gallegos and Mendoza went first-second with marks of 135 and 125 pounds, respectively. Landon Batterton of Stanton County was second in the 123-pound bench press competition with 145 pounds.

Jacob Cron of Stanton County was fifth with a mark of 210 pounds in the 165-class bench press while Boone Steimel of Stanton County was sixth in the 173-class bench press at 200 pounds. In the 220-pound bench press event, Eric Olivas of Stanton County was sixth at 220 pounds and Camacho was second in the bench press heavyweight class at 305 pounds.

Gallegos and Mendoza also placed second and fifth in the 114-pound clean competition with marks of 175 and 115 pounds.

Wichita County placed 11th in the team standings with 10 points while Stanton County was 13th with seven points.

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