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Jersey wager part of Holcomb-Beloit game

Published 11/8/2013

By The Telegram

When the Holcomb Longhorns host the Beloit Trojans at 6 p.m. Saturday at Holcomb High School Stadium, there will be more than just the winner moving on in the Class 3A football playoffs.

Bragging rights at the state capitol will also be on the line as Russ Jennings, 122nd state representative who represents Holcomb, and Susan Concannon, who represents Beloit in the 107th district in the Kansas House of Representatives, have wagered a jersey.

Next Jan. 13, the first day of the 2014 regulation session of the Legislature, the representative of the winning team will provide a jersey of the winning team for the losing team's representative to wear on the floor that day.

Both Jennings and Concannon, who sit together on the House floor, thought the wager would be a great way to show support for their local team, and have some fun.

The regional championship winner will advance to the 3A sectional round on Nov. 15 against the Sedgwick-Marion winner.

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