As a Tri-Rivers Fair exhibitor, I agree 100 percent with Dixie Lee Haddock (July 9 Letter to the Editor) that release of fair entries could be handled much better.

The first two years I'd wait in line from about 8:30 p.m. with mostly older-than-60 folks. Then about 8:55 p.m., shortly before the door opened at 9, younger people from the amusement rides would show up and very rudely jump in front of those who had been waiting.

The past few years I just waited until Sunday after 11 a.m., as I found that rudeness and no effort to control it very irritating.

Maybe they could have an earlier pickup scheduled for the 18-and-up crowd so the younger crowd could get their items at 9 as usual. I usually have more than 50 entries in the various divisions so it takes a while to get everything collected, and not having to dodge those wanting to get their items and get back to the rides as quickly as possible would make the end of each fair much more pleasant. Worrying about damage to my antiques, pictures or barn quilt doesn't make this an enjoyable experience.