We came to Garden City, Kansas, as migrant workers like millions before us and the millions that came after us. Yes, we were called names, which made reference to our backs being wet, and for a long, long, time were not allowed to swim in ”The Big Pool.”

We were not allowed to sit downstairs at the Ritz or at the State theaters. Above the entrance to a couple of restaurants there were signs that read, “Niggers, Mexicans, and Dogs, back door.” It took years before you saw a Hispanic behind the counter at any business, let alone a black person. We were the people that did the agricultural fieldwork or cleaned people’s homes, along with working in the hotel industry as maids and maintenance personnel. But, that was then.

We assimilated. We learned the language, obeyed the laws and applied ourselves in effort to show we had a good work ethic; that we were an honest and responsible people like the rest of society in America. I recall not being able to dance at the Civic Center with a girl unless she was my “kind of people.” I recall being picked on and at times beat up because of the color of my skin. But, that was then.

We learned to work with members of society that thought we were children of a lesser God, but it came to fruition as the landscape of being accepted began to take a turn for the better. We didn’t stage sit-ins, we didn’t run rampant through the streets of Garden City, Kansas, pillaging businesses, burning cars or our own homes to make the statement of being mistreated or discriminated. We worked alongside members of the community to make a place for improvement in social relations. But, that was then.

Now, fast forward to the present day; our America is in chaos. We have whites against whites, blacks against blacks, and Hispanics against Hispanics and the Left against everyone. The Left fuels the fervor of the social upheaval we are facing today due to the simple fact the Left lost and can’t get over it. Editors of newspapers like the Scott County Record continue to pummel the president, his family and anyone in his administration or anyone that admits they voted for Trump. Stooping to attack families of persons in government service whether on the local, state or federal level is beyond the realm of being good citizens.

My face has the lines of age caused by my frowning when I read, listen or see how the maligned are leaning to a socialistic form of government in my America. I am limited to 500 words with this editorial, but editors like Rod Haxton of the Scott County Record can fill a third of a page with his whining and petty political gibberish. Socialism is synonymous with Communism; so where does that tell you the Left is going? I’m 76 years old.


Scott City