As a former trustee of Garden City Community College, I am saddened and appalled at what has become a travesty at GCCC.

Accusing a trustee of sexual harassment who hugged someone while a thousand people were watching is absolutely absurd! No student has come forward accusing any wrongdoing by Trustee Leonard Hitz, nor has any other attendee. An accusation based on three people directly connected to the president who are extremely biased is a power play!

Leonard Hitz has given more time than probably anyone I know to help GCCC for years. I, as well as other trustees during my term, hugged students, and some of them are still on the board.

One accuser's family served as a GCCC trustee. People in glass houses perhaps shouldn’t throw stones!

Leonard Hitz belongs on the board as a trustee. You the people voted him in as you did the others. He was unwelcome at the college because he isn’t a “yes” man. Community, you need to stand for what is right, not who is popular!

Power can be an ugly head that raises when we don’t get our way or are questioned. The purpose of the college seems to be lost for now, as the focus is on President Swender, the athletic director and others accused of wrongdoing. For the students' sake, I pray that an honest and fair resolution will prevail. Something is terribly wrong when parents question sending their children to GCCC. Change will come, and hopefully students will once again feel safe and enjoy attending GCCC. These are important years and should be good memories, not sexual scandals, threats, lies, lack of leadership, broken rules, a lack of trust and bad mentoring. Many prayers for the right decisions to be made.



Surprise, Ariz.


Brandenburger is a former member of the Garden City Community College Board of Trustees.