Technology gives us an edge when severe weather approaches.

Every storm season, we see reminders of the ability of meteorologists to predict the threat of weather earlier and more accurately than ever before.

Today’s smartphones have the capability to issue warnings, and weather radios also help keep people informed when storms approach.

Tornadoes made their debut last week in Kansas, with several spotted in the state. No one was injured, thankfully, but property damage was recorded.

Interestingly, it was the first time since 1980 that Kansas reached the month of May without a tornado. That year, the first twister of the season in Kansas materialized on May 28.

Kansas’ peak tornado season runs from April through June.

To help people stay safe, Finney County will share warnings of the county’s emergency alert service through a mobile app, MyAlerts. Residents and visitors alike can receive advanced warning of severe weather on their Android or Apple phones or tablets by downloading the free app. It’s also possible to add a number of locations as a way to receive emergency alerts from various public safety agencies.

When it comes to weather emergencies, Kansans always should be cognizant of the danger, and be prepared — to include knowing the location of storm shelters when needed.

People may have just moments to find a safe location when tornadoes approach. Not everyone is close to home, which is why it’s necessary to understand where shelters are located in the community. Shelters also help people who live in mobile homes and others who don’t have basements.

Governmental agencies here and beyond offer online maps of shelter locations, with many easily accessible by smartphone. Every community should do its best to offer such resources in our digital world.

That said, there’s no foolproof way to dodge storms. Deadly weather has a way of claiming lives every year in Kansas and beyond.

While it’s good to know timely, potentially life-saving warnings are available in an instant for those out and about when severe weather strikes, now is the time to learn where shelters are located in town, and be prepared in other ways — just in case.