The article “Making it more complicated,” published on The Garden City Telegram website March 1, contained numerous factual errors. This article is wrong, inaccurate and misleading.

Kansas has not "turned over management of Medicaid" to Maximus. Kansas has never provided health care in "local Medicaid offices."

Kansas didn't "adopt" something called KanCare. KanCare is the state's managed care Medicaid program overseen by the state and administered by three managed care organizations under contract, none of which are Maximus. So far, KanCare has saved state taxpayers close to $2 billion while at the same time adding about 45,000 beneficiaries to the Medicaid rolls in Kansas. Health outcomes for Medicaid beneficiaries in Kansas, in particular those with chronic illnesses and those with disabilities, are significantly better under KanCare than they were under the old system.

Medicaid, which is funded by the federal government based on state spending on the program, has nothing to do with federal deficit reduction legislation. Nothing.

The state acknowledges that there is a serious, ongoing problem with Medicaid eligibility determination for those applying for long-term care. The state is working diligently to straighten out this situation, which is impacting some of the most vulnerable Kansans. But Mr. Clinkscales’ article provided no insight into the matter, and no doubt served to confuse and frighten anyone planning to apply for Medicaid, in particular the elderly.


Angela de Rocha,



Angela de Rocha is the deputy secretary/communications director for the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services.