Water, water, water … we are running out, we’re running into another drought. We haven’t had any real moisture since September.

Farmers have been looking at means to save, the city has been looking at ways to conserve, but have individuals been trying to cut back?

We are lucky the city hasn’t forced restrictions, like other cities have. But it’s time individual homeowners take the initiative. It’s time to start saving on your own.

There are numerous ways to save water … your plumbing, your gardening, things you do every day. Make a contest out of it, start off by saving one gallon of water a month, then a week, then a day. Get online and Google it, then practice it. If the famers, if the city are looking at ways to conserve, then we as homeowners can do the same … let’s get with it.

We’re going to run out of water some day if we’re not careful. You can conserve and have fun doing it. Have contests in your homes to see who can save the most, who can come up with the best ideas. Don’t wait for the city to put restrictions on homeowners, start doing your part now.


Garden City