Regarding the offensive cartoon on the Opinion Page on Feb. 21:

How insensitive, crass, heartless, unfeeling, inconsiderate, thoughtless, thick-skinned, last but not least, dumb to print such a cartoon when victims’ families in the Florida shooting haven't completed funeral services to bury their children. I find it difficult believing an editor would turn a blind eye to such an offensive form of so-called free speech. Where is the decency? 

Perhaps The Garden City Telegram mirrors the rest of the media that will display horrific and disrespectful cartoons no matter who they might hurt. Stop and think; if you are a parent that lost a child in that horrible shooting, how would you feel seeing the same cartoon? Shame on you.

It is evident the left likes to strike while the "iron is hot" and lead into a helter-skelter uproar of gun control. There are more people killed with handguns than with the so-called semi-automatic rifles. People forget that a gun/rifle is an inanimate object. It's the person behind the gun/rifle that does the killing. More young people die in car crashes than in shootings, so does that mean we outlaw cars?

The effort of outlawing semi-automatic rifles after a shooting of innocent people is the only biased and diluted outcry the left can muster. Knee-jerk reactions never solve anything. History has proven this to be true. Democrats need to look at the Obama years for the loss of life in school shootings which, the end result in protecting our school children was zero, even when they had control of both houses in Congress.


Scott City