Two Ellis County commissioners also ignored one of the basics of our democracy: “One is innocent until proven guilty.” Commissioner Marcy McClelland has not been convicted of any illegal activity, as Commissioner Barbara Wasinger implies.

As for impending development in Ellis County, the county currently has 20-plus sub-divisions and four incorporated areas that have adequate space for expansion. Further expansion is greed not need.

As for potential tax revenue, if one would do their homework, they would know that to provide the infrastructures for suburban development costs more than the tax revenue from that development generates.

I doubt seriously 29,000 county taxpayers know a great deal about the development in question or even care, unless they knew a portion of their taxes would subsidize the provision of infrastructures for a private development.

The seven homeowners have a right to be concerned over the development. They have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in their homes, which by the way, they already pay taxes on.

Sub-divisions are great when needed, but all of the preliminary work must be done before they are approved. If this site would have had an adequate geologic and hydrologic study completed, there would be less need to question the adequacy of a water supply or the capacity of wastewater disposal.

I would also note this property is some of the best farm ground in the county, and ask if we need to reduce our food producing capacity in an ever-growing world.

Dale Wing,