Kris Kobach is mighty proud of what he’s done while secretary of state.

Speaking to a small gathering during a recent meet-and-greet event in Garden City, the Republican candidate for governor cited his ability to prosecute voter fraud — power given to him in 2015 for no good reason when his fellow ultraconservatives ruled the Statehouse.

Local and state prosecutors are well equipped to handle rare instances of voter fraud. Instead, a self-serving politician who claims rampant voting by illegal immigrants only has shown there’s no such thing with scant few prosecutions.

Based on his bogus rhetoric, you’d think Kobach would track down hundreds if not thousands of violators.

To date, he’s found just one noncitizen attempting to vote in a state of some 1.8 million registered voters.

Still, he boasted to the small group in Garden City about his time in office.

“We’re doing more than we did when I started,” he said.

He has indeed done more, but not in a good way.

Kobach’s done more to disenfranchise poor, elderly, minorities and younger people more likely to vote against an ultraconservative agenda. Voter registration requirements he championed kept tens of thousands of prospective voters at bay, proof that he isn’t interested in voting rights of all Kansans.

The only fraud has been in the deliberate effort to rig election results by sidelining voters who typically don’t align with the far right.

He’s also done more to stick Kansas taxpayers with legal bills over lawsuits related to the blatant voter suppression measures. He’s unapologetic about losing time after time in court, all at a cost to Kansas.

He also told the Garden City gathering he would pursue more of what embattled Gov. Sam Brownback wanted. Even with the state in fiscal turmoil, Kobach would reverse lawmakers’ recent attempt to mend fiscal fallout of the Brownback regime.

Centrist legislators responded to the will of Kansans tired of hits to roads, public schools, law enforcement and other core services by restoring necessary income-tax revenue recklessly erased by Brownback-led ultraconservatives.

Kansas doesn’t need a governor who’s 100 percent committed to the Brownback agenda, and wants more of the same moving forward.