Tuesday residents are being asked to increase the sales tax. We should examine those projects to see what the needs really might be.

County Commissioner Clifford says the Jennie Barker Road improvement, including sidewalks and traffic light at 156, will be like doing a "by-pass of the By-Pass." The present street is already four-laned to Schulman Road and seems quite adequate, albeit the traffic does increase during the two Tyson shift changes. Perhaps the plant personnel might try leaving for work 10 minutes earlier. With two schools in the area, turning this into a "by-pass" seems unwise to me!

One new tax project is to build a new $440,000 home for our 10 flamingos. That's 44 grand per bird! Don't know the size of the infirmary zoo folks want to build and no explanation of necessity. As a member of "Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo," I hope it will continue to fund zoo improvements, as opposed to using sales tax dollars.

A city map shows the east, south and southeast parts of our community reachable from the Mary Street Fire Station in less than five minutes. All of these areas are less than three miles away. The Fire Department study done two years ago clearly indicates that the very small number of fires in our community mostly occur in the older parts of town. Our department runs to every fender bender simply because they can count that as an "incident" on their records. This elaborate station will add big budget cost when we already have the equipment and staff to fulfill the need.

The Fankhauser designed plan for the proposed 11,000-square-foot gun range is to cost over two million plus! That space is almost four times larger than our 2,400-square-foot home. Why are two locker rooms with four showers and five places "to go," an Armory, lounge, two large classrooms, office and receptions needed just for target practice? Shooting is a basic skill taught at the academy. Surely an hour per month should be adequate. With increasing problems nationwide, perhaps we should place more emphasis on when or how not to shoot.

Repairing the ceiling and ventilation system at the present range can be done at far less cost than building what appears to be a new "police station in the hills!" If the local gun fans want such a place, then they should build and maintain it themselves.

The way we buy goods and services is changing rapidly. Asking our friends in our surrounding trade area to help us finance non-essential projects does not seem fair or prudent when such are not really essential to the progress of our community and area!

If a nuclear war erupts as soon as I fear it will, we will be needing all our money for fall-out shelters and the "war effort."

My advice is to keep some cash pinned to your shirttail and vote No!


Garden City