Charles Marcy, in his 9-14-17 letter to the editor, accused The Americans For Prosperity of misrepresenting the facts by blaming John Wheeler, and by implication, 49 of the 85 House Republicans (did not mention all Democrats), as being responsible for a $1 billion tax hike in the state of Kansas, by voting to override Gov. Brownback's  veto.

I agree with his arguments and supporting facts as far as they went, but he implies that the Wheeler vote made our tax code fair for all. It helped some by removing some corporation exemptions, but it did not change the 1991 tax formulae putting the state in charge of property tax revenues used for schools. Wichita and much of the large urban cities in Kansas had already exempted most of their taxable property valuation, so the 1991 School Finance Act shifted the tax burden unequally to all property taxpayers without exemptions, including many southwest Kansas school districts.

Wheeler and the other Republican Legislators did the right thing because they had no other alternative if they wanted to raise teacher and state employee salaries, but there is much more to be done to create tax fairness and equality. The State Legislature should start with getting the state out of the property tax business.