Kansas is currently home to 51,000 of the 5 million Americans that are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Those numbers, however, continue to grow every day. Not only is Alzheimer’s the most expensive disease in the nation, costing a staggering $259 billion a year, but it is also a national health crisis.

Left isolated, Alzheimer’s will leave our medical system in shambles. At present, there is no cure or treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, allowing the disease to devastate more people each and every day.

In order to put an end to the suffering caused by Alzheimer’s disease, support on research funding is vital. Recently, the house committee proposed a $400 million increase to fund Alzheimer’s disease research. While every dollar is crucial, a .002 percent increase of what the disease costs every year is not enough.

As an Alzheimer’s Association advocate, I urge Congressman Estes, Congresswoman Jenkins, Sen. Roberts and Congressman Marshall to support increased research funding for Alzheimer’s. I would also like to thank Sen. Moran and Rep. Yoder for their ongoing support.

While historic increases have been made to fund Alzheimer’s research in the last two years, more must be done. We urge you to join the fight against Alzheimer’s.