American Airlines canceled all Sunday flights traveling to and from Garden City Regional Airport due to weather conditions amidst a light but extremely blustery snowstorm, affecting about 200 passengers.

The airline initially canceled only the airport’s 6:13 a.m. flight due to blizzard conditions, including early morning ice and snow, visibility issues from windblown snow and excessive winds of nearly 60 mph, said Rachelle Powell, the airport’s director of aviation. American Airlines decided to cancel all flights at 9:30 a.m., again due to weather conditions.

All flights, two coming into town and two traveling out, were full, Powell said, and most affected passengers transferred flights to the Risk Husband Amarillo Airport in Amarillo, Texas, which also services American Airlines flights. Garden City flights had limited seating Monday, so several Sunday passengers also carried over into Tuesday and Wednesday, she said.

Moving forward, flights are full as usual and the airport is resuming normal operations, Powell said.