A letter to The Western Front written by Harriet Hawley Bearce, Hutchinson, and appearing in the Thursday edition of The News, stated that the 2016 State Senate re-election campaign of State Sen. Terry Bruce “was orchestrated by Paul Waggoner.”

Bearce also wrote that in 2016, Waggoner took her words from her letter to the Western Front supporting Bruce’s challenger, Ed Berger, and distorted their content and published them in a flyer supporting Bruce.

Waggoner was not the campaign chairman or treasurer for the Bruce campaign. He said he did not develop the Bruce flyer, and his volunteer work for the Bruce campaign was limited to making phone calls right before the November 2016 election.

As a community columnist for The News, Waggoner wrote columns during the 2016 campaign season criticizing Berger and praising Bruce, and a Waggoner column prompted Bearce to write her 2016 letter to the newspaper.

Waggoner currently is running in the Republican primary for the 104th House District.