NIC portal Kansas Information Consortium (KIC) has created and launched the first chatbot for the state of Kansas, one of only a handful of such bots in the country. 

Chatbots are computer programs that mimic human conversation by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Incorporating chatbots into government technology provides exciting new avenues for modernizing the delivery of digital services to the citizens of Kansas.

The chatbot, named “Agent Kay,” allows citizens statewide to get conversational answers to their questions about taxes, elected officials and other government issues. Agent Kay already can answer more than 200 commonly asked questions, and new questions and responses are added almost daily using artificial intelligence.

Agent Kay guides visitors of the Help Center through a series of questions aimed at quickly and easily providing the information they need. Citizens who interact with Agent Kay can either ask conversational questions or can click on one of the many topics that auto-populate, such as information on taxes, hunting and fishing, unemployment, or state trivia.