Five agricultural education programs were honored for 100 years of excellence within vocational and agricultural education on Wednesday during the opening session of the 90th Kansas FFA Convention, on the Kansas State University campus.

The Garden City FFA chapter has reached the milestone having continuous curricula offered within the school districts to enhance career and technical education in the state of Kansas.

“It’s a huge opportunity to be able to take a unique look back on what FFA was before it became what it is now,” Elizabeth Unruh of Garden City said. “The way ag education programs and FFA shaped lives and continues to shape lives is special to watch and experience.”

 Chapters can only be chartered in schools where systematic instruction in agriculture education is offered. To receive their charter, each chapter must submit a letter of application, a list of their members and officers, a copy of the proposed local chapter constitution and bylaws, a copy of their program of activities, as well as have paid current district, state and national dues.