Twenty-seven student soloists and one ensemble from Garden City High School’s choir, band and orchestra received top marks at Dodge City’s regional solo and ensemble competition on April 14 and advanced to state competition in Topeka April 28.

The students advancing to state included five soloists and one ensemble from the high school’s choir, 12 soloists from the band and 10 soloists from the orchestra.

GCHS choir soloists Jescie Bribiesca, Elena Lopez, Kimberly Loya, Andy Oyler and Jhamel Transfiguracion and the GCHS Freshman Girls Ensemble received “I” ratings in Dodge City and advanced to state.

The following GCHS soloists received a “superior” rating: Marilu Rodriguez, flute; Orion Craig, trombone; Caleb Tewell, horn; Brendan Hoke, flute; Colten May, euphonium; Jessica Pammenter, flute; Oscar Hernandez, tenor saxophone; Dade Horney, baritone saxophone; Shelby Irsik, clarinet; Veronica Martinez, flute; Jesus Alvarado, flute; and Taylor Terpstra, flute.

The following GCHS orchestra soloists recieved a “I” rating and advanced to state: Melanie Sigala, violin; Emily Arrieta, violin; Lucas Torres, violin; Brandon Smith, cello; Tia Dunsworth, bass; Rayenah Bergstrom, viola; Jade Valdez, violin; Oswaldo Mezquita, cello; Jayson Resendiz, bass; and Kyler Bennett, cello.

Twelve soloists and four ensembles from the GCHS choir performed at the Dodge City contest. Soloists Ashley Archer, Shyanne Brantley, Jasmin Flores, Kristen Griebel, Alyssa Nava, Brendon Spangler and Esmeralda Torres received a “II” rating, as did the GCHS Buffalo Men and Buffalo Women ensembles. Les Chantes Ensemble received a “III” rating.

GCHS band students Ryan Wessels, trumpet; Riley Metheny, euphonium; Ashlyn Swan, flute; Julia Irsik, clarinet; Reid Hopkins, clarinet; and Abigail Aguilar, flute received “excellent” ratings.

GCHS orchestra soloists Samantha Sosa, viola; Irvin Ramirez, viola; Dulce Perez, violin; Ruby Solorzano, cello; Tyrel Haynes, viola; Aaron Riojas, viola; Carole Galia, violin; Mary Niere, violin; Brenda Ortiz, violin; Sydney Bunch, viola; Camelot Ferrera, cello; Abigail Aguilar, violin; Christian Argueta, viola; Cesar Alarcon, viola; Heidy Aguilar, violin; and Bryanna Chavez, violin received “II” ratings. Soloists Vanessa Mota, viola; Jessica Wedel, cello; and Ethan Newberry, violin received “III” ratings.