Finney County just hired its first communications specialist, and she’ll be officially introduced at the county commission meeting on Monday.

Sara McClure is a Garden City native with a lot of local experience. Friday was her last day at the Finney County Attorney’s Office, where she worked as a legal assistant responsible for court correspondence and assistance with paperwork relevant to court proceedings.

Before that, she was a “Jill of all trades” at Finney County District Court, where she worked as an administrative assistant to Court Administrator Kurtis Jacobs. In that role, she says, she was responsible for accounting, records management, assistance with special projects and ensuring that the court’s technological needs were being met.

McClure also received a degree in public relations and communications from Chapman University in Orange, Calif., and previously has held positions in the Garden City school district and with the City of Garden City.

“We realized we can better serve our citizens by opening up additional lines of communication,” said County Administrator Randy Partington, who hopes the full-time position will serve to expand Finney County’s communications to coordinate with countywide initiatives.

McClure was selected by a panel of county department directors to act as the communications liaison between county departments, media and citizens.

In her new role, Partington said, McClure will be instrumental in meeting the county’s desire to issue more press notices and facilitate better general communication with citizens through social media outreach and website maintenance.

“We hope that Sara will enable the citizens and taxpayers of Finney County to understand what services are provided by Finney County, where their tax dollars are going, and to hopefully even create an avenue for them to have better two-way communication about needs and priorities for the future,” Partington said.

McClure says her experience working with local and state government over the past several years has enhanced her ability to communicate and relate with people in public service.

She said she wants to produce articles and newsletters that highlight Finney County’s role in the community and inform average citizens.

“I think what I can bring different that maybe hasn’t been implemented in Finney County before is a fresh take on how to get those stories out there and a fresh look at what will resonate with everybody, not just the same target group of people that are already involved with what Finney County is doing,” McClure said.


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