Republican candidate Mark Hutton on Friday put an end to his six-month bid to win the 2018 nomination for governor.

Hutton, a construction company owner and former state legislator from Wichita, said he was grateful for the support he'd received from Kansans. In a statement, he didn't endorse another candidate.

"It’s been an honor to travel to all corners of Kansas to hear the concerns and ideas for solutions that Kansans have for fixing the problems in our state government," Hutton said. "I believe the solutions to our state’s challenges lie in its people, not its politicians, and I am confident that the great people of Kansas will be what carries us all forward."

Hutton had earned a reputation in the Legislature for challenging the supply-side economic theories of then-Gov. Sam Brownback, which featured prominently in the 2012 state income tax reductions that contributed to the state's deep budget problems.

His departure left the GOP field clogged with Gov. Jeff Colyer, Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Insurance Commissioner Ken Selzer, former Sen. Jim Barnett and others.

Independent candidate Greg Orman remains a presence in the campaign along with Democratic Sen. Laura Kelly, Rep. Jim Ward and former Rep. Josh Svaty.