Simmons Pump LLC, and Simflo Pumps Inc., two of the nation’s top providers of industrial, agriculture and municipal-use pumps, have merged and are now operating under the SIMFLO name and brand.

David Pickering, Jay Pickering, Don Pickering, and Gene Alexander (currently of Simmons) have been named executive officers of the new SIMFLO. The headquarters for the new company will be located in Lubbock, Texas, but will continue to have a local presence out of its Garden City office, 2726 W. Jones Ave.

All 120 employees of Simmons and Simflo have been retained. In addition, SIMFLO anticipates increasing its workforce by 10 percent this year alone and has plans of opening new locations in other U.S. markets in the near future, according to a news release from the company.

The combined SIMFLO company will engineer, manufacture, source, and deliver pump products and technologies for major industrial users, including municipal water services, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, chemicals, hydrocarbons, and saltwater extraction.