Three of Kansas' members of Congress and their spouses were aboard a chartered train that derailed Wednesday on its way to a GOP retreat in West Virginia, but they weren't harmed.

U.S. Representatives Roger Marshall and Ron Estes both said on Twitter they were on board the train but not harmed. A spokeswoman for Sen. Pat Roberts confirmed he was on the train but also not harmed.

Representatives Kevin Yoder and Lynn Jenkins and Sen. Jerry Moran were not on board the train.

GOP lawmakers were on a chartered train traveling to West Virginia for a retreat when they hit a garbage truck west of Charlottesville, Virginia. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed in a statement the crash resulted in at least one fatality and one serious injury, but no members of Congress or their staff were harmed.

According to the Associated Press, Amtrak reported no injuries to passengers or crew members.

Marshall, a doctor, performed CPR and helped injured people alongside fellow Congressman Phil Roe, of Maryland, according to tweets apparently sent by his wife, Laina Marshall. His account says the train's conductor and two people in the garbage truck were injured.

Estes said in an interview he and his wife, Susan were both alright. When the train struck, someone in Estes' car was knocked to the ground, he said, but he was able to maintain his balance holding onto an overhead rail. Estes said those in the garbage truck were knocked out of the vehicle.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.