Flowers can be found in every nook and cranny in the spare bedroom Melissa Sherfick uses for her home-based floral business, the Unique Bouquet. Roses, sunflowers and calla lilies, just to name a few.

“I have flowers in everything,” she said with a laugh about the workspace in her home in WaKeeney.

Sherfick first became interested in making floral arrangements when she noticed the high cost of arrangements found in the store.

“I wanted to buy some (floral arrangements) and saw the price tag and said, ‘I have to try to do this,’ ” Sherfick said.

Though she still does some arrangements for funerals and other events, Sherfick’s main focus has been weddings for the past 10 years.

“I’ve always wanted to be a wedding coordinator but felt like I don’t know if I can handle it. That’s got to be stressful, and so I thought, ‘I can make these flower arrangements. So I’ll try making bouquets and corsages and stuff like that.’ So that’s kind of how I got started,” Sherfick said.

While Sherfick is mostly self-taught, she has taken various classes and recently had the opportunity to assist Diana Ryan, owner of Floral Accents located in Shawnee and the winner of the Knot’s 2017 Florist Pic of the Year award. Sherfick spent two days with Ryan preparing flowers for four weddings.

“It was the most amazing experience in my life,” Sherfick said. “She taught me so much and was just awesome.”

Sherfick offers silk and fresh flowers. The fresh flowers are supplied by Valley Floral in Wichita. Valley Floral is unique in that its entire warehouse is kept between 34 and 38 degrees and also delivers the flowers in a refrigerated truck, which ensures the flowers last longer.

A unique option Sherfick also offers is preserved roses, which have become quite popular among brides. The roses are real, but have been through a chemical process that takes the color out of the flower and then the color is added back in. The preserved roses will last up to 10 years when kept out of direct sunlight.

“When they are attached to the stems and in an arrangement, you can’t tell,” Sherfick said of the preserved roses. “They can make any color. The options are endless as to what they can do for you.”

Sherfick will work with all kinds of budgets and provides customers with up to four quotes for silk, fresh, “real feel” flowers and a combination of the different types. With silk flowers, her goal is to deliver the finished products two to four weeks before the wedding to allow time to make adjustments the bride might want.

When it comes to customer service, Sherfick is dedicated to going the extra mile — literally. She has traveled to meet with people all across Kansas and even Nebraska for consultations.

“I tell them, ‘I’ll come to you. You have enough to deal with,’ and they love that and I don’t mind it at all,” Sherfick said.

Rebekah Lee, Hays, found out the lengths Sherfick will go to for her clients. Lee originally had planned to put together the flowers for her October wedding herself, but decided to contact Sherfick three weeks before the wedding for last-minute help.

“I found her through Facebook, actually, and she went above and beyond,” Lee said. “She met me two days after I messaged her to get an idea of what I wanted, and she met me three other times before the wedding. She’s amazing. She did it so quickly, and I loved them.”

January is a slower month for the Unique Bouquet, but Sherfick is working on bouquets and boutonnieres with a combination of sunflowers and roses for Tiffany Antholz’s wedding that will be in Bird City on Feb. 3.

“It’s been fantastic,” Antholz said of working with Sherfick. “She’s very personable. I was really nervous to begin with because I don’t like a lot of attention on myself, and she just makes it so nice. She’s just really down-to-earth and just wants to make you happy.”

While Sherfick enjoys the design aspect of creating floral pieces, the real reward for her is the joy it brings to the brides.

“When they see it and their eyes light up and they smile, it sometimes bring tears to my eyes because I’m so happy for them.”

Those wanting to contact Sherfick can call or text her at (785) 743-8149, email her at or through her website