Nearly 4,000 bales of finished cotton product were destoyed in a fire that spanned nearly two days in Stevens County.

According to a press release from the Stevens County Public Information office, at 11:59 a.m. Sunday, the Stevens County Fire Department was dispatched to a fire at the Northwest Cotton Growers Gin Inc. that likely started when a spark, fueled by wind, ignited the cotton.

According to Stevens County Incident Commander Rodney Kelling, at one point there were 60 firefighters working to contain the fire in 40 to 45 mph winds.

Smoke made visibility near zero and U.S. Highway 56 was closed and rerouted at the time of the incident, according to the release. The road is now open to traffic.

“The fire is 100 percent contained, but there are still hot spots being monitored,” the press release reads. “The fire department’s quick response helped keep the fire contained to the cotton modules, and there was no damage to the cotton gin structure itself.”

Mindy Gillespie, office manager for  Northwest Cotton Growers, said the financial loss has yet to be determined.