Veronica and Jose Meza were not expecting to have another New Year’s baby.

The Garden City couple on Monday welcomed their son, Erick Meza, into the world at St. Catherine at 12:50 p.m., making him a New Year’s baby, and the first child born in 2018 at St. Catherine Hospital.

“We had a Jan. 13 due date, and then we were down to getting induced on the 8th, but he showed up earlier,” Veronica Meza, 32, said Tuesday morning.

Erick Meza, who weighed seven pounds and 3.5 ounces and was 20 inches long at the time of his birth, is Jose and Veronica’s third child.

“We also have Leslie, who is 12, and Amy is 7,” Veronica said, adding that Amy was a New Year’s baby seven years ago to the day. “She wasn’t the first (born that year), but she is also a New Year’s baby."

Veronica, who is a second-grade teacher at Florence Wilson Elementary School, said her daughters were excited to meet their baby brother on Monday. When asked what she thinks of having another New Year’s baby, she said she thought it was “cool.”

"I remember asking my other daughter if she was going to be OK sharing a birthday, and she said, ‘yeah, sure.’ She’s 7 right now, so she’s OK with it. We’ll see later,” Veronica said with a laugh. “We’ll see if that changes.”

Jose, 39, who works at Worthington Industries, said he thought it was awesome to have the first baby born of the year at the hospital.

“It’s a boy, you know, and I already have girls… I finally have my boy,” Jose said with a laugh.

For being the first baby born at St. Catherine Hospital, the family received a gift basket with various baby items, including clothing, a toy, a pillow and various other items.

“He’s a pretty healthy baby for being born 38 weeks, He turned out to be pretty-good sized too… We’re very blessed and that he made it OK,” Veronica, who gave birth naturally, said. “We’re very excited to have him here. We weren’t expecting to have the first New Year’s baby, but it happened.”

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