(TNS) — Schools in 65 Kansas counties will take a slice from $148,758 in grant funds for Healthy Habits for Life. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation sponsors the program and recently announced the grant recipients.

The grants will be used during 2018 for a variety of programs ranging from purchasing heart monitors, healthy snacks or nutrition curriculum, to organizing health fairs and walking programs, a press release said. The amount of the grant was based on the sum the applicant requested, up to a cap of $1,000, the release said.

Counties in the region where grants were awarded, including the applicant and the amount awarded for the project, included:

Barber: Medicine Lodge Grade School, teacher Heather Ludwick; $1,000

Barton: Ellinwood Grade School, food service director Susie Batchman; $1,000

Ellsworth: Central Plains Elementary School, food service director Kay Bailey; $1,000

Finney: Holcomb Elementary School, PE running club Tim Parker, $705.86; Wiley Elementary School, PE teacher Ty Walker, $948; Gertrude Walker Elementary School, school nurse Teresa Utz, $1,000; Plymell School, school nurse Valerie Rainman, $1,000

Grant: Sullivan Elementary School, school nurse Ilda Perez; $1,000

Gray: Cimarron Jr./Sr. High School, principal Jara Wilson; $1,000

Harvey: Bentley Primary School, PE/health teacher Marlys Gwaltney, $1,000; Hesston Elementary School, school nurse Tammi Krehbiel, $1,000; Hesston Middle School, PE/health teacher Todd Lafferty, $993.49

Haskell: Satanta High School, family and consumer science teacher Judy Stuckey; $1,000

Kingman: St. Patrick Catholic School, PE teacher Mary Meng; $999.99

McPherson: Smoky Valley Middle School, school counselor Kevin Steinert, $1,000; Washington Elementary School, teacher Dawn Hoffman, $1,000; Canton-Galva Elementary School, PE teacher Barry Fritz, $994.64; Windom Elementary School, PE teacher Betsy Lafferty, $981.08; Inman Elementary School, principal Jo McFadden, $1,000

Morton: Rolla Elementary School, school nurse Cammie Heaton; $1,000

Ness: Ness City Public Schools, principal/superintendent Derek Reinhardt; $1,000

Pratt: Southwest Elementary School, school nurse Glenda Houdyshell; $1,000

Reno: Reno Valley Middle School, PE teacher Jason Busche, $997; Fairfield USD 310, PE/health teacher Michael Treat, $998.39; St. Joseph Catholic School Ost, PE teacher Stacie Clupny, $940.85; Trinity Catholic High School, PE/health teacher Jan Frieb, $700

Rice: Sterling Jr./Sr. High School, PE teacher Jill Rowland, $1,000; Little River Jr./Sr. High School, PE/health teacher Terry Renken, $1,000

Seward: Kismet Elementary School, school nurse Norma Sanchez, $1,000; Southwestern Heights Jr. High School, school nurse Norma Sanchez, $1,000

Stafford: Stafford USD 349, school nurse Kara Duncan; $1,000

Stevens: Hugton Elementary School, KRR program coordinator Jacque Teeter; $1,000.